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ROB G. 11 godzin temu
Carsten Begerow
Carsten Begerow 11 godzin temu
Sry but i hear Rosetta. Anyone else?
jacho50 11 godzin temu
Holy sprial, It`s 9 MLN :OO
davide braido
davide braido 11 godzin temu
Sto pezzo mi da sempre soddisfazione 🤘
Richard Larssen
Richard Larssen 11 godzin temu
All i can think of now it when Tool will come with the next album after this...... 20 years?????
tommy i-opener
tommy i-opener 11 godzin temu
This is classic fuckn TOOL.....fuckn PLwomen doesn't turn up any loader...WTF it
Bitch-sama 11 godzin temu
Tool hasn't changed at all, I even thought this was some old material! They have managed to keep their sound authentic.
Golempire 11 godzin temu
Anyone else listening in 2009?
CrowVelle 12 godzin temu
I got a Volbeat ad before this. 😂 fucking fags.
tonedefhimfan 12 godzin temu
If after listening to this u didn't subscribe, that's all I need to know and tks 4 making it ez
Jose Vega
Jose Vega 12 godzin temu
I think my 3rd eye opened.........this is my band
RHACOREBERS 12 godzin temu
This gives me chills and nightmares 🤘
Jaf Photo
Jaf Photo 12 godzin temu
Yeah. This is good. Just the right amount of energy and introspection. I've got my hifi fine-tuned for the first playing of the full album.
Ross Nicol
Ross Nicol 12 godzin temu
rework!! don't let the new generation think this "TOOL"
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 12 godzin temu
MUSIC straight from the pits on HELL.
Ernie Parker
Ernie Parker 12 godzin temu
I told my boss last month I won't be in August 30th
Julian Flatscher
Julian Flatscher 12 godzin temu
So. Fear Inoculum.... does it mean getting a vaccine to make u immune to fear...... Or getting fear inoculated? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm🤔
Brooks Bowen
Brooks Bowen 12 godzin temu
I feel like they kinda phoned it in on this song. Sorry to all hardcore Tool fans out there but I feel like this was a song by some dudes in a basement trying to sound like Tool. I’ll give the rest of the album a solid listening but this song to me wasn’t worth the wait.
Vinny Thornton
Vinny Thornton 13 godzin temu
Danny Carey is better than Niel Pearl....change my mind
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders 13 godzin temu
has it been more than 10,000 days since 10,000 Days?
Larry Olguin
Larry Olguin 13 godzin temu
Wheres tool???? Oh there they are!!! This is the tool I remember!!!! Keep to your old style and never change!!!!
Mike G.
Mike G. 13 godzin temu
sorry waste of 10 minutes , this song goes nowhere . Not even on same level as there best song 46 & 2. Don;t really care if people get pissed , it;s true!
Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell 13 godzin temu
If you want a soothing truth, this is it... -Some Poor Sod
robert jennings
robert jennings 13 godzin temu
sorry as I say ime 62 so who are you,where are you from,so controlled heavy rock
robert jennings
robert jennings 13 godzin temu
erm ,who are you,sorry 62 now and love this,so controlled,then you unleash a few samples of what you are made of
Victor Torres
Victor Torres 13 godzin temu
My 10th grade Chemistry teacher & 11th grade English teacher got me into TOOL. S/o Mr. Maxwell & Mr. Burton
Diane Verdin
Diane Verdin 13 godzin temu
I feel the Holy Spirit of Tool, transform me at 9:30. Overwhelming and powerful, it is!
Andre WArd
Andre WArd 13 godzin temu
Few days left until I become free, just few days
soinelle85 14 godzin temu
What the hell. No pre order option for CD on amazon.
ZeKe_h30 11 godzin temu
Heard it was sold out shortly after Aug 7th.
Jon Britt
Jon Britt 14 godzin temu
Forfeit all control
Juan Zenteno
Juan Zenteno 14 godzin temu
Only tool came to save the real rock music,
Super66466 14 godzin temu
Less then a week and we're ready to go guys! Let's get those 10 million views out there!
Adam Fast
Adam Fast 15 godzin temu
1:18 *next universe enters chat 3:57 *next dimension enters chat
Pablo Fierro
Pablo Fierro 15 godzin temu
🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟 impresionante!!!!!🤟🤟🤟✌🇦🇷😈
Yoicy Quiroz
Yoicy Quiroz 15 godzin temu
Termine aquí por alvinsch
Jack Harmis
Jack Harmis 15 godzin temu
The last time TOOL released new music, I was in 6th grade. Now I’m 25, and looking for my god damn spot in the world, but fucking thank you TOOL for the music and help!
hatesonion 15 godzin temu
last of the true good bands...
Erl Lar
Erl Lar 15 godzin temu
Play at 1.25 x speed. Thank me later
Acedia691 15 godzin temu
Almost 9 million, hit replay on that
BIDONKS ADONK 15 godzin temu
BLESSED I'VE BEEN !! To have Tool here in my time on this ball. Maynard, Adam, Danny, Justin and Paul (RIP),...You have TRULY enriched my life. Thank you for you
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 15 godzin temu
I am literally (spell check) . am almost crying right now and im not lying
king 06
king 06 15 godzin temu
Never on schedule but, always on time.
TheBlindkiller85407 16 godzin temu
Some parts really brings out tool, some are more like APC (mostly Maynard’s voice). I’ve about nubbed my nails down to the knuckle waiting for the album and listening to the song Atleast once a day. Not that I miss the screams, Maynard had the same tone and depth to his voice than the higher pitches and smoothness.
Earl Butler
Earl Butler 16 godzin temu
The Painful Anticipation makes it all the more Blessed, a long time coming...
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 16 godzin temu
P. S . Tom MacDonald new Album is also coming out on Aug 30
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 16 godzin temu
common , common common commno common cumm on
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 16 godzin temu
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 16 godzin temu
Thank you so much guys . from the bottom of my soul
Marek Grabarek
Marek Grabarek 16 godzin temu
Tool allways .Bless from poland.
Play Authentic!!!!
Play Authentic!!!! 17 godzin temu
Haven't we have heard the song already. They've gotten stale, this could have been on the last album. Disappointed no evolution of creativity.
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 16 godzin temu
u lowlife piece of no good, u try and create something epic, whining yuppies
Jordan Cody
Jordan Cody 17 godzin temu
No more fear. No more lies. A long time coming.
Guilherme Silva
Guilherme Silva 16 godzin temu
Jordan Cody
Jordan Cody 17 godzin temu
So many great comments. Tool fans win. Check out Maynard on the Joe Rogan podcast.
Jupiter 17 godzin temu
The thing about tool man is you just cant talk shit about them. The lyrics are amazing, the vocals are amazing, the bass, amazing, the guitars, amazing, the drums, amazing. Everything is at its peak potential and there is nothing to discredit musically. Like even if your not into this music that's fine. Just acknowledge the musical mastery at work by one of the best bands weve had the pleasure to experience.
Jupiter 17 godzin temu
The classic sound and vibe of tool. But also trying new things and venturing outside the box, while maintaining their integrity and who they are. Honestly I'm not even surprised. I was 50/50 on this album as tool hasnt written much it literally over a decade. But after this I'm sold. Its great to see a tool album come out an really get the acclaim and appreciation it deserves off the bat, as tool has only grown stronger with time.
Damiano Bartolozzi
Damiano Bartolozzi 17 godzin temu
kevin steel
kevin steel 17 godzin temu
6 days
Anxious Neck Games
Anxious Neck Games 18 godzin temu
6 more days to survive. You gonna make it that long?
Mike Blizzard
Mike Blizzard 18 godzin temu
Death to the Stalinist Regime of the Ugandan Border Patrol That is Maynard's hidden message in this song!
Angst Weltschmerz
Angst Weltschmerz 18 godzin temu
fajnie, że nowy tool jest bo lubie tool
Mia Davina
Mia Davina 18 godzin temu Brace Yourselves! Don't click if you don't want to see it yet! :) Happy Today!
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson 18 godzin temu
I have a dream that Maynard Keenan will do a song with Floor Jansen.
Blake Nightshade
Blake Nightshade 18 godzin temu
I was 8 years old when 10,000 days came out. I'm 21 now. Damn, y'all.
Chris M
Chris M 18 godzin temu
Is it August 30th yet? Is it August 30th yet? Is it August 30th yet? I've listened to "Fear Inoculum" the song about 500 times. Need the album! Ahhhh!
Robin 15 godzin temu
I'm so excited for the next track,Pneuma....
Ralph Snyder
Ralph Snyder 18 godzin temu
The whole world should be forced to listen to this
Jesse G.
Jesse G. 19 godzin temu
Image reminds me of Darth Vader
nicholasliacone 19 godzin temu
I want this to play on repeat max volume everywhere donald Trump is until he concedes.
Devin Watson
Devin Watson 19 godzin temu
I can’t believe this only has 8.9 million views. That seems like a lot but I’m responsible for 8.1 million views myself
Arie Pratama
Arie Pratama 19 godzin temu
Why 9.1K people dislike this Masterpiece? are they had a bad taste of music?
triple 19 godzin temu
Like their music . But it is certainly overrated...
Csaba Balogh
Csaba Balogh 19 godzin temu
8640 minutes left.
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