The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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Introducing...The Travel Guys! The guys explore Austin, Texas to discover all the weird, fun, and surprising activities the city has to offer. What city should they travel to next?
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April Corriveau
April Corriveau 28 minut temu
Jax is the cutest ❤️
akane tendo
akane tendo 2 godzin temu
"I think I kept flipping the camera off" 😂😂😂😂
lachazaroony 8 godzin temu
Zack looks like Lil` Debbie
Katarina Dietz
Katarina Dietz 10 godzin temu
In a hushed whisper “Eugene, do we like Lynden b Johnson?”
Jeremy Mead
Jeremy Mead 10 godzin temu
I’m from Dallas
Dragon Noodle
Dragon Noodle 14 godzin temu
In class we where watching a video then some kid went on the computer and clicked this video cause it was recommended, and all we hear is "We out the ass in Texas!" Then my teacher got mad at the kid but the proceeded to laugh once he left.
tatikto 15 godzin temu
I had to stop the video! How are u questioning the breakfast taco... you haven’t lived if you have not eaten Mexican eggs in tacos with frijoles (beans) delicious!
Karissa Jane
Karissa Jane 18 godzin temu
It made me laugh at his surprised they were when they tried the brisket 😂 it is so good!
Karissa Jane
Karissa Jane 19 godzin temu
Welcome to Austin!
Dani Higgason
Dani Higgason 19 godzin temu
Haha it’s pronounced “see-tan” not Satan 😂
Dumisa Lengwati
Dumisa Lengwati 19 godzin temu
Personally I believe Eugene's favourite little human is Dominik from their babysitting video, but the delightfully quirky Jax is a close 2nd or 3rd (obvi have to take Wes into account 😅👶🏾🤗)
MsCherade9 19 godzin temu
Cynthia Lee Fontaine! I love her cu cu!
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 19 godzin temu
jax is a national treasure
Juliette Tait
Juliette Tait 22 godzin temu
Hint hint it’s not 3.5 it’s 2.5
Gormstorm 22 godzin temu
Can someone please tell me what the style of Zach's cowboy hat is called? I lowkey wanna get one
aveeilfae Dzień temu
Danielle Matthews
Danielle Matthews Dzień temu
Ned at a store: “Do you guys take cash??”
Nana Tan
Nana Tan Dzień temu
Waiting for the next The Travel Guys
Claudia Parker
Claudia Parker Dzień temu
18:25 I’m from Watkins Glen and Woodstock can F off 😂 like even the mention of Woodstock makes people from here literally so annoyed 😂
Saiksha Shrestha
Saiksha Shrestha Dzień temu
this is my hometown and i'm Asian as well
Anarchy Empire
Anarchy Empire Dzień temu
I honestly feel like Texas is a different nation 90% of the time, seriously everyone is proud of their state But Texans are on whole different level. They know for a fact that no matter what you are proud of Texas is better at it than you, and the worse part is that you can't even refute them because By almost every metric they are right, Texas is just unfairly good.
Annette Ramirez
Annette Ramirez Dzień temu
AmandaIsNotAPanda Dzień temu
No one: Keith: 👁👁 👅 🖕🖕
complicated ryker
complicated ryker Dzień temu
Barbacoa isn't eaten with bread tho 😭 Its eaten with freshly made tortillas de maíz, cilantro and cut up onion 😤😤😤😤😤😤
Angelica Daniels
Angelica Daniels 2 dni temu
cucu walked up and i lost my shit
Isabella Oliveira
Isabella Oliveira 2 dni temu
After seeing this video, I've choose where I will buy a house now
strikingVapor 2 dni temu
zachs color scheme in that makeover... i fuck with that
Ruby Sadler
Ruby Sadler 2 dni temu
I feel special because I’m from Austin Texas
Ruby Sadler
Ruby Sadler 2 dni temu
Austin Texas is the best city in the United States
kylie m
kylie m 2 dni temu
I've lived in Montana my whole life, and I've still never understood the appeal of cowboys and ranches and horses...maybe it's cause I was born in Sacramento
Rubie Luna
Rubie Luna 2 dni temu
this is a sign that i need to go get some new boots, y’all
Rubie Luna
Rubie Luna 2 dni temu
awe im stuck in hawaii and i miss texas so much :(((( ily texas, you’re the best
Jazmyn AndreaMichelle
Jazmyn AndreaMichelle 2 dni temu
can ned go to yale and do a night a toads lmao
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson 2 dni temu
Either Eugene is making his southern accent extra southern or he just adapted from a Californian accent to southern accent as soon as he stepped foot into Texas. Cuz I’ve never heard him so southern until this video.
Natendo 2 dni temu
Try guys try Canadian food
Adre P.
Adre P. 2 dni temu
It’s because Texas is such a great state to live in. I’m very proud to say I’m a Texan. I moved from California (which I had lived in since I was two) around the age of 7/8 and I don’t regret it. The people here are so welcoming and kind.
unicorn love
unicorn love 2 dni temu
That lil boy reminds me of a young David Dobrik and he is so adorable
Morgan Price
Morgan Price 2 dni temu
I work at a western store (not cavender's because they're our competitors and they SUUUCK!) But your make over scene tickled me! I love it! I have new opinions a out you based on your toe style preferences
Micah Reasonover
Micah Reasonover 2 dni temu
Hello. I’m SHOOK. my mom is from Carthage Tennessee. And he’s not wrong. It doesn’t have really anything going for it. But there a McDonald’s and a Walmart. That’s about it.
Pursuit of Hypiness
Pursuit of Hypiness 2 dni temu
That Little Rock Star bit was fkng amazing. Also Ned is so good at doing different voices ?
Pursuit of Hypiness
Pursuit of Hypiness 2 dni temu
Hahahaha Ned “do you take uhh cash?” HAHa everyone takes cash right ?! 😂
Odis The cat
Odis The cat 2 dni temu
And I oo
edit_er !
edit_er ! 3 dni temu
What happened to this series!!!!! More this
Minnie 3 dni temu
Okay Jax is so cute
rrm2342 3 dni temu
They mentioned my hometown of Mercedes Texas
Casey Cruz
Casey Cruz 3 dni temu
"Do we like Lyndon B Johnson?"- Me confirming literally anyone is not problematic
Ultimate Trash
Ultimate Trash 3 dni temu
Imagine when the kid gets older he’ll probably see
Emma Daugherty
Emma Daugherty 3 dni temu
Who knew I needed cowboy Eugene in my life
angela bleibtrey
angela bleibtrey 3 dni temu
Sometimes I’m not super proud of my home state, especially as of late but this video brought back some magic that is Texas.❤️ there’s lots of good stuff and people here still
Z P 3 dni temu
That last minute: Keith says dont show us your dicks.... I was dying
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 3 dni temu
6th Street used to be good (touristy).... Everyone's at Rainey St now.
andy 3 dni temu
i love that eugene made friends with a child
Vraisairs 3 dni temu
Keith is competing with Jax🤣
Vy Le
Vy Le 3 dni temu
i live in california
SolidSapphire 3 dni temu
“Eugene- do we like Lyndon B Johnson!?” Lmao that was the best
Truecross Cosplay
Truecross Cosplay 3 dni temu
I find this video cool because my favorite production company, RoosterTeeth, has their offices in Austin, and they have podcasts and talk about all sorts of things that happen in Austin! You mentioned dirty 6, and it brought back podcast memories. Really cool! ~Yuuki
Xochilth Rojo
Xochilth Rojo 3 dni temu
I live in Austin and watching this made me so happy
Sheren Elizabeth Christine
Sheren Elizabeth Christine 3 dni temu
What a sexy cowboy Keith is!
Alliah Rice
Alliah Rice 3 dni temu
I love that y'all visited Texas, this is my home state and it makes me so happy that y'all came and enjoyed the great state Texas is! Austin is awesome, y'all should also visit the fort Worth stock yard bars😂, its real gritty texan.
Megan Cashatt
Megan Cashatt 3 dni temu
I live in Texas but never have been to Austin or Houston, when we travel we visit family which doesn’t live in Texas. I live in between Fort Worth and Dallas, so the Fort Worth Stockyards.
Aesthetic Writer
Aesthetic Writer 3 dni temu
Thejha S
Thejha S 4 dni temu
Zach looking like a cute lil bean... *uwu* His hat falls down when the lady dips him... 😂😂
Ethan Joreum
Ethan Joreum 4 dni temu
Ha did anyone notice when Eugene said they’re heads were 3.5 inches different but it was actually 2.5 (I sound so stupid lol)
Paloma Brighton
Paloma Brighton 4 dni temu
We need more info on Jax
EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange
EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange 4 dni temu
“There’s something in the air in Austin, makes you a better person.” *10 seconds later* “you guys wanna rob a bank?”
Dana Pineda
Dana Pineda 4 dni temu
I replayed that united rules part way too many times
bc a
bc a 4 dni temu
i kinda want to see the guys try to learn horseback riding
ninfa 4 dni temu
yall they really said “🤠”
Asia Alcala
Asia Alcala 4 dni temu
lived in Austin for my first two years of college 🙊 LOVED ITTTT
Colorful Artist
Colorful Artist 4 dni temu
I like how all of the other guys look like they really got into western culture and fashion and Zack still looks like a hipster
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