The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

9 miesięcy temu

The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing them for an entire night?
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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.
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try guyskeithnedzach

jessica !
jessica ! 52 minut temu
Liv yoyo
Liv yoyo Godzinę temu
Becuaseitskathetine 7 godzin temu
Zach is a holosexual
Jasmine L
Jasmine L 7 godzin temu
It's confirmed Zach is a holosexual
vmaows 8 godzin temu
LONG NAILS LIFE HACK FOR TOILET: Just buy a bidet! You can cleanse without having to worry about wiping yourself with toilet paper and ect. (They are also pretty cheap on Amazon!)
Anya Wall
Anya Wall 8 godzin temu
I’m guessing that Zach is a holosexual
Dena Lassi
Dena Lassi 10 godzin temu
My F*~king Fingers!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexander Pumpkin
Alexander Pumpkin 11 godzin temu
Eugene’s disappointed face...i live for it.
Kookie Cutie
Kookie Cutie 14 godzin temu
1.zach 2.keith 3.Eugene 4.Ned
Laura Jaine
Laura Jaine 14 godzin temu
“Double holo” Send this soul to Cristine!
Laura Jaine
Laura Jaine 14 godzin temu
“Double holo” Send this soul to Cristine!
Kayla M
Kayla M 15 godzin temu
Hidden Holosexual there eh Zach?
Samantha Peach baby
Samantha Peach baby 16 godzin temu
It's not hard gezz chill
Kaitlyn 17 godzin temu
10:19 I want that power bottom fan lmaoooo
Helen Ling
Helen Ling 18 godzin temu
1:30 ooof
Veronica Nevarez
Veronica Nevarez 19 godzin temu
MY FUCKING FINGERS ... Keith is literally me the first time getting fake nails lol
Livybug 19 godzin temu
In this video I learned that Zach is a confirmed holosexual
AKAallan Dzień temu
SincerelyAngie Dzień temu
All of them were me when I got nails for the first time
BloxyGigi Dzień temu
9:01 *because its FANCY becky*
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Dzień temu
Wheres the simply sqaud
Shelby Cole
Shelby Cole Dzień temu
Honestly, once you grow your nails out or always gets acrylics, everything is harder without long nails
Zedeye Dzień temu
Tbh I don't like neds nails because it makes him look gay even tho he's straight but there still nice
Gabriel Trevino
Gabriel Trevino Dzień temu
It’s real holo and Zach is a holosexual
XxxQueen_ AngelXxx
XxxQueen_ AngelXxx Dzień temu
I just got my nails re-done and I looked up videos for nails and this came up. Soooo.....
Sarah Pellizzari Brassard
Sarah Pellizzari Brassard Dzień temu
You guys should try Rock climbing since its going to the olympics next year
J R Dzień temu
The only thing difficult is buttons!
Belle Lange
Belle Lange Dzień temu
I think zach was channeling his inner Christine from simply nailogical 😂😂
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis Dzień temu
Neds face during the asmr scene killed me
Megan Dubois
Megan Dubois Dzień temu
Eugenes theme- extravaganza Ned’s theme- Dramatic but safe Zach’s theme- CUTE Keith’s theme- BLUE SQUARES
Evlabia Konstantinou
Evlabia Konstantinou Dzień temu
Zack is a holosexual
Abraham Bankhead
Abraham Bankhead 2 dni temu
Everyone should try this, at least once. Maybe don't get them quite so long the very first time, and yes it takes practice. Wait till you snap one off painfully. You will get smart fast or you will get band aids.
house council
house council 2 dni temu
Eugene looks like DIO
ephobia 2 dni temu
Who is that random lady at 5:42 😭😂
Limenade 360
Limenade 360 2 dni temu
i think i felt my nails grow watching this
Velyka Camacho
Velyka Camacho 2 dni temu
are you guys gay ??? sorry for asking
io i
io i 2 dni temu
I love eugeuas nails
Potato Life
Potato Life 2 dni temu
I wonder if Zach knows simply nailogical 🤔🤔🤔
psychedoodles :/
psychedoodles :/ 2 dni temu
Nutellah 2 dni temu
Zach reminds me so much of myself, lol
Trollhuntress daniellea howlter
Trollhuntress daniellea howlter 2 dni temu
Emilija Tomic
Emilija Tomic 2 dni temu
Zack is a newborn holosexual!!! Any other holo lovers or just me?also july 2019?
Princess Wuzza
Princess Wuzza 2 dni temu
"Because its fancy B E C K Y" "I'm stressed because of my nails H U N N Y" I love Keith's responces to his wife as he's getting stressed about his nails
Jennialys Cardona
Jennialys Cardona 2 dni temu
Zach fanaly gets sticker off " aahhhh fuck u stickeee"
water Ice
water Ice 2 dni temu
Imagine being a Violinist, Violist, Cellist, or Bassist and having nails that long
Coffee Hime
Coffee Hime 2 dni temu
Seeing 4 grown men get genuinely excited over this makes me happy for some reason
Hilary Bollerman
Hilary Bollerman 2 dni temu
Not that it matters cause it doesnt. Im just curious....are all of these guys gay?
meagan russell
meagan russell 2 dni temu
Some tips: Use your knuckles and the sides of your fingers to push buttons and pick things up. If you need to pick up change press your thumb on it for five seconds and pick it up, it'll stick. When you're at the gas pump keep tweezers in your car just in case your card gets stuck. The point is to never use your nails for most things or they'll break, use the base of your finger when putting in contacts and the base to pull them out. I get stilettos but slightly rounded, I carefully take my contacts out with the tip of my nails. I never poke myself in the eye.
doyoung’s emotions
doyoung’s emotions 2 dni temu
keith’s face in the beginning is *_ICONIC_*
Katie Villa
Katie Villa 2 dni temu
Honestly, I think that Zach is so under appreciated. I fucking love that man . He’s definitely my favorite
Katie Villa
Katie Villa 2 dni temu
Keith reminds me of a , less intelligent John Green
Tyler Thorne
Tyler Thorne 3 dni temu
The greatest tool for long nails... A spoon. Can be used as a scraper and a lever for cans and such.
Strange Jane400
Strange Jane400 3 dni temu
Omg Zach is a holosexual like is you know who I’m referencing
CheeseWithToastOn 3 dni temu
I don't like nail extensions. My nails are naturally long, but they snap off easily, so I just get gel varnish done for holidays
J R Dzień temu
Always file Down the sides
Klea Gjona
Klea Gjona 3 dni temu
Eugene: I never got that reaction of my fingers..... well actually... Me : DON'T SAY IT
Emily S
Emily S 3 dni temu
zach's nails are pretty short honestly,,, like that's how long my natural nails are.
Jeannette Blanchard
Jeannette Blanchard 3 dni temu
I don't know about gel nails, but when you have long real nails, you USE them, like part of your fingers. They press the keys on the keyboard, for example. My nails grow out about an inch, or longer before eventually breaking to then gradually grow back out.
RaVeN Bleep Bloop
RaVeN Bleep Bloop 3 dni temu
Keith's face at 0:29! Hilarious!! XD
Rylie Pengelly
Rylie Pengelly 3 dni temu
Who’s here after Eugene came out?
Eve louis
Eve louis 3 dni temu
Now they know what women go through with long nails.😭🔥🔥
Miss J O Blue sketch
Miss J O Blue sketch 3 dni temu
Fukin Keith!
Miss J O Blue sketch
Miss J O Blue sketch 3 dni temu
I love him so much. And Eugene, always Eugene.
Crazy Gacha Lady
Crazy Gacha Lady 3 dni temu
12:52 Ned:It's about 5 A.M. in the morning
ghost boy
ghost boy 3 dni temu
This video is Zach coming out as holosexual.
Athena Arevalo
Athena Arevalo 3 dni temu
You have to watch Cristine how she use use her hands with long ass nails.
ocean_gacha 9
ocean_gacha 9 3 dni temu
ok well zachs a holosexual in my mind. yall should collab with simplynailogical 😎😎
LovijaTv E
LovijaTv E 3 dni temu
Zach became holosexual in this vid
•Callie_gacha• 3 dni temu
Zachary is the Male version of cristine
Marissa Powell
Marissa Powell 3 dni temu
Zach: confirmed holosexual
Kathryn Elaine
Kathryn Elaine 3 dni temu
itsme_again 3 dni temu
join the holo community zach
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