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Welcome to the day after Judgment Day. Producer James Cameron returns with director Tim Miller for Terminator: Dark Fate. Watch the official trailer now. In theatres 11.1.19.
Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Dark Fate also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

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Efrain Rizo
Efrain Rizo 43 minut temu
This looks like Charlie Angel's in the bad way that you are thinking... Please bring back John Connor!! It is sad but this movie will flop...
Fnord Fnordington
Fnord Fnordington 46 minut temu
not even james cameron can save this franchise. so sad.
Patrick Dostie
Patrick Dostie 2 godzin temu
At least James Cameron is back at the helm of the ship. Now we just have to wait and see if the Terminator series can be saved or if it has already sunked.
BCLICK56 2 godzin temu
What's the name of that song?
polyverse1 3 godzin temu
Yes!! The original Sara Connor and James Cameron.
amit rana kom
amit rana kom 3 godzin temu
gonna watch this movie for sirr #ARNOLD n #LINDA only .... #INDIA
HEK 293
HEK 293 4 godzin temu
This bimbofest is going to fucken nose dive! Just like the last Ghostbusters movie. Fucken garbage!
DR Evil
DR Evil 4 godzin temu
I'm not paying for feminism
Pizza Mozzarella
Pizza Mozzarella 4 godzin temu
I'd take Terminator Salvation over this
Sami 4 godzin temu
I honestly don’t understand why everyone thinks this is gonna suck, I saw the preview in theaters and was so shook I had the chills for 10 minutes. I’m fricken stoked to see this, my goodness.
Javier Tenezaca
Javier Tenezaca 6 godzin temu
Esto ya parece una broma
Kenroy Adams
Kenroy Adams 6 godzin temu
Am I the only person who is not pleased with the fact that no one in this trailer said "Come with me if you want to live"?
InhumanCondition 6 godzin temu
37 years later and we are STILL not fighting the war in the future against the machines, always int he past.
Alex Bird
Alex Bird 7 godzin temu
Priderminator LGBT-1000
Sunny Wakefield
Sunny Wakefield 7 godzin temu
Sunny Wakefield
Sunny Wakefield 7 godzin temu
Jikky 7 godzin temu
Let me guess just after 1:09 she's gonna say ''Come with me if you wanna live''
Kiera Mubambai
Kiera Mubambai 8 godzin temu
Its the new 2019 model, the Androgynist 1000
Austin-Tyler 9 godzin temu
I liked Genesis a little better than this trailer even. But hey James and Linda are both back and Arnold so I’ll still watch it lol
MrAndrewrock 9 godzin temu
They managed to make the freaking TERMINATOR not intimidating AT ALL! And what's with the shitty music?
Random User
Random User 10 godzin temu
Y e s
Andrew Wahba
Andrew Wahba 10 godzin temu
Well... he DID say he'll be back...
Erik Mergel
Erik Mergel 11 godzin temu
No summer Glau :(
S. Wolfe
S. Wolfe 12 godzin temu
I think they bought some FAKE views and likes! How many people think they are going back to the past to show the slaughter of young John Conner with that little actor they are going to CGI into young Furlong?
S. Wolfe
S. Wolfe 12 godzin temu
Edward Furlong has gotten his teeth fixed, a nose job, has gotten professional work done on his skin, has cleaned up his act and is fit now. Either he is going to be in T7, or maybe they will Luke-Skywalker it and have John (Furlong) show up at the end. (Which btw is such an idea rip-off yet again) My guess is they will kill off Sarah and John Conner within this new trilogy (again ripping off Star Wars new style of killing off old characters) because they are trying to appeal to a younger & emotionally softer generation. They do not give a F about original fans and what they want. If they kill off John Conner it will be a disaster, and insult to the first two films. Furlong has probably signed an NDA, non-disclosure agreement. I don't know why they have been so secretive about this one. It is so nauseating. I am a feminist, but this is just sad.
StephanieWolfePublishing 13 godzin temu
Edward Furlong has gotten his teeth fixed, a nose job, has gotten professional work done on his skin, has cleaned up his act and is fit now. Either he is going to be in T7, or maybe they will Luke-Skywalker it and have John (Furlong) show up at the end. (Which btw is such an idea rip-off yet again) My guess is they will kill off Sarah and John Conner within this new trilogy (again ripping off Star Wars new style of killing off old characters) because they are trying to appeal to a younger & emotionally softer generation. They do not give a F about original fans and what they want. If they kill off John Conner it will be a disaster, and insult to the first two films. Furlong has probably signed an NDA, non-disclosure agreement. I don't know why they have been so secretive about this one. It is so nauseating. I am a feminist, but this is just sad.
Ezwyn 13 godzin temu
The Last Demon
The Last Demon 16 godzin temu
Get ready for Terminator to suck dick all over again
Siddhant Raghuvanshi
Siddhant Raghuvanshi 16 godzin temu
Meanwhile arnold be like " You cannot live with your own failure ,where did that bring you? Back to me"
SuperDuty Zack
SuperDuty Zack 18 godzin temu
I liked when the cgi was almost non existent. Movies today incorporate way too much cgi and it looks awful. Beyond that this movie is just a repeat with a feminist cast. Sadly I’ll have to pass on this estrogen filled nightmare. T1/T2 forever!!!
Blacc Hole
Blacc Hole 20 godzin temu
Rambo 5 - like Terminator dark fate - also like
Jimmy Gonzalez
Jimmy Gonzalez 21 godzinę temu
Hollywood needs to stop all y’all are doing is destroying something good !!
jeffrey acevedo
jeffrey acevedo 21 godzinę temu
What song is playing in the trailer ?
Acrsicles Pedrcles
Acrsicles Pedrcles 21 godzinę temu
This better be a action horror film. I loved the first two movies because of the horror elements in them.
Chengfu Saechao
Chengfu Saechao 22 godzin temu
Keanu Reeves should've Been chosen to play the BadGuy,that would've Been so awesome.
Oaknowledged 23 godzin temu
Looks entertaining
Who’s There?
Who’s There? Dzień temu
Terminator 1984: “I’ll be back...” Terminator 2019: “Oww, my back!!”
soufiane benalla
soufiane benalla Dzień temu
terminator disney edition ;p
Sonchoy Das
Sonchoy Das Dzień temu
sorry not interested.
Noah T
Noah T Dzień temu
It’s time to stop.
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce Dzień temu
Looks utter shite
Scott Hillary
Scott Hillary Dzień temu
Decent trailer, terrible song...
Walter Dzień temu
Is this a joke?...
Kyle Vaughan
Kyle Vaughan Dzień temu
The sound design for this trailer is pretty fucking stellar
Kyle Vaughan
Kyle Vaughan 9 godzin temu
@StephanieWolfePublishing Woops, I forgot you can't just go and have opinions on the internet
StephanieWolfePublishing 13 godzin temu
There is NOTHING impressive about this trailer.
omar shammas
omar shammas Dzień temu
After watching this clip, i rewatched T1 and T2. Ah, the good old days, when movies were imagined, and not recycled
Vegard Arnesen
Vegard Arnesen Dzień temu
? confused...
Daiva Sergedaite
Daiva Sergedaite Dzień temu
Omg omg OMG i cant wait to see this movie
Walter Dzień temu
You cant wait to see gay faggots as robots
CaptPostmod Dzień temu
And it absolutely will not stop until your childhood memories of an awesome pair of movies are dead!
Amina Nmolla
Amina Nmolla Dzień temu
Music match with title
Corbin Eberwein
Corbin Eberwein Dzień temu
look at all the toxic men in the comments looks like i know why the fan base of the terminator is so toxic and retarded
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 16 godzin temu
All of these retards in the comments are not fans, plain and simple; a lot of bots, and people out to damage the movie before it's even premiered.
PeteRoyJackson Dzień temu
Or.... many recognize the absence of continuity of tone, proper CGI, missing real soundtrack, casting females more for agenda than actual applicability, etc..
James Eadmer Dela Cruz
James Eadmer Dela Cruz Dzień temu
Whats the music.
Dan Amoral
Dan Amoral Dzień temu
1:38 when you realize you in a real piece of shit.
Frank Sadat
Frank Sadat Dzień temu
No Country For Old Terminators.
Сергей Афанасьев
Сергей Афанасьев Dzień temu
Amnesty International
p.s.s. Dzień temu
"Hey you , yeah you. You want a normal not-fake movie with lore integrity and without all that feminist bullshit ? Well... screw you , you aint gonna see this in new terminator , but its ok- critics would praise it . Oh it doesnt make you fell better ? gtfo then "-Paramount pictures
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor Dzień temu
Two of my biggest fears...tom boyish 90kilo white chicks who think they kick ass and wanna F*ck my girlfriend and brown people who could be Muslim or Mexican. Chills mate.
Shadow Sniper
Shadow Sniper Dzień temu
Ummm wheres Arnold
Steven Manuel
Steven Manuel Dzień temu
They are really milking it
Salim Salim
Salim Salim Dzień temu
The Herminator
bltpgermany Dzień temu
to much girl power for me... and the terminator seems not at all intimidating...
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Dzień temu
At 1:45 Arnie is like:"Oh,not again"
Ni2DE Dzień temu
LGBT=Lesbians, Gays, Bisexualls, Terminators
g boxing
g boxing 2 dni temu
Can't take a girl fighting with a dude seriously. When Arnold was fighting with the chick in the bathroom in the 3rd one pretty much lowered my expectations for the movies future.
nachowarrior1 2 dni temu
Decades later and they still can’t make a better villain than a liquid T1000...
141Mal-vrick 2 dni temu
Isn't schwarzenegger getting, a little to old for these kind of movies.
RandomCarGuy17 2 dni temu
Hmmm, James Cameron is back huh? Neat. Linda Hamilton is back aswell, also neat. However, I don't have the best confidence in the movie so far. I mean, I'm going to give it a chance of course, but this first trailer doesn't feel compelling. I mean, the new bad Terminator doesn't look quite menacing. Yeah, he's no Robert Patrick. The good Terminator brought in sounds like a copy-cat of Marcus from Salvation. I hope I'm wrong and this film is at least better than the last 3, but we'll see I guess.
Dinesh Utthaman
Dinesh Utthaman 2 dni temu
So than Arnold Schwarzenegger is human being in this film
Guts Pepe
Guts Pepe 2 dni temu
Is that Stuart from Mad TV?
the_boon 2 dni temu
Apple Genius vs Feminator
PISCO-APTX 4869 2 dni temu
John Connor my ass
Walter Stevenson
Walter Stevenson 2 dni temu
And I hear people complaining about Genysis being bad. Why did Linda Hamilton come back for THIS Terminator movie?
docfaceful 2 dni temu
"Come with me if you want to gender neutralize the terminator!"
Thomas Nethery
Thomas Nethery 2 dni temu
Directed by an overpaid tool
Михаил Набожный
Михаил Набожный 2 dni temu
It's not Paramount, it's Skynet!
Carl cooper
Carl cooper 2 dni temu
TSM Steven 69
TSM Steven 69 2 dni temu
P.C. Principal
P.C. Principal 2 dni temu
Why do people have a problem with this film? Is it because of the female leads. Because it looks like we’re getting another Ghostbusters. Oh and BTW! Keep making sexist comments I dare you. Unless you want Brie Larson AKA Crazy Tits knocking at your door
Math_Termz China
Math_Termz China 2 dni temu
Rip & Tear gaming
Rip & Tear gaming 2 dni temu
Were is John Conner, what the last hope of humanity as established in the 2 good movies isn’t woke enough now
richystar2001 2 dni temu
Why does CGI look crappier year after year.... Movies try to cut budgets by having children in China produce CGI effects instead of paying actual artists to do it... Well you get what you pay for I guess... The crappy CGI really takes away the spirit of this movie... absolute shlock digital crap!
Михаэль Виттман
Михаэль Виттман 2 dni temu
вагинатор 6
-- 2 dni temu
that dude playing liquid thing looks like a homeless
Jason R.
Jason R. 2 dni temu
if I made a terminator movie my terminators would be ruthless killers. these things are gayyyy they fight hand to hand combat and crap....a terminator is a machine it wouldn't toss a guy around and fight it it would grab ahold and start crushing and ripping the person into pieces! this movie looks like weak ass garbage!
Nikolaos Iiodakis
Nikolaos Iiodakis 2 dni temu
This Movie will have a Dark Fate in Cinemas. R.I.P John Connor.
thehmph1 2 dni temu
Hunter Terminator
Master Chevvy
Master Chevvy 2 dni temu
The next terminator will be a black muslim lesbian female
Ben Seçil
Ben Seçil 2 dni temu
What's the releasing date of this movie...???
Saigh Kym Lambert
Saigh Kym Lambert 2 dni temu
November 1 in the US and some other countries. However, it's going to be earlier (some as early as October 23) in some countries and later in others.
TwinklyLucasK 2 dni temu
Bet it goes woke and goes broke.
PeteRoyJackson 2 dni temu
@TSM Steven 69 Most here wish.
TSM Steven 69
TSM Steven 69 2 dni temu
You wish
Jenna Spadafora
Jenna Spadafora 2 dni temu
I’m so excited but please bring back Edward Furlong as John Conner for this!
DesertFox 16 godzin temu
Furlong is a mess; in very poor shape and health.
SyncroScales 2 dni temu
James Cameron has given people injections with diseases. He pretends to be gay or bisexual but has spread AIDS. James Cameron is enjoying the rape and child molesting parties for his career. Not using protection and it causes divorces. Linda Hamilton was not such a bad person when she lost her career and potential work going against the system. Is Leonardo DiCaprio going to be John Connor when he was not in T2 or the other movies? Leo is enjoying the rape and child molesting parties for his career. All of that tax payer money with the investors and his relatives is being faked for humanitarian work. Arnold Schwarzenegger has nice speeches but does not mention how the nazis and families preffer certain looks and cultures. Arnold does not mention how the child molesting and rape parties do wonders for your career. #pizzagate, #hotdoggate, #pedogate and all the rape parties. Hyprocritical and spreading diseases with injections or drugging people unconcious.
jerinho 2 dni temu
suddenly james cameron's terminator topple all of em with new record 2.9 billions
Dominic Gutierrez
Dominic Gutierrez 2 dni temu
Y did they have to use such a bad cover of hunter
Hayley Guest
Hayley Guest 2 dni temu
Good trailer! Not giving too much away for once
Dreadnought35 2 dni temu
and this is how you ruin a great franchise.
Bedroom Beethovens
Bedroom Beethovens 2 dni temu
Girl looking like Dee Williams
StephanieWolfePublishing 13 godzin temu
Not a girl.
zauber620 2 dni temu
1984: T - 800 2019: LGBT - 800 2026: Paralympic - 800
Sill Wmith
Sill Wmith 2 dni temu
still looks better than rise of the machines
HERETICIAM 777 2 dni temu
This is just getting too old and the franchise is just being dragged for far too long. Technology and movie fakery evolved too damn fast that people in the movie bussiness lost their ability to think, imagine and create a brand new concept story.
Cesar Santamaria
Cesar Santamaria 2 dni temu
Why does every Terminator trailer give away the twist of the film.
Cesar Santamaria
Cesar Santamaria 16 godzin temu
@Craig Jones it has spoiled a few things already. First, the The character who thinks she is human but is basically a cyborg. Second, old man Terminator living in a cabin. Third, they gave way too much away with the new terminator. My point is that all these moments are valuable twist that should be revealed in the film not in the trailer. But don't take my word for it. Watch every trailer from Judgement day till now. You will see they always give away a valuable twist.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 16 godzin temu
But it hasn't... lol.
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