Talking Tom Heroes - Mad Car (Episode 8)

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Talking Tom Heroes

Talking Tom Heroes

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The Raccoon Robber’s at it again! But this time he’s stolen priceless relics from an ancient pyramid, unleashing a terrible curse.
VROOM! VROOM! Talking Tom Heroes have to race to save the day when Talking Tom accidentally gives his car way too much super speed elixir.
Now the car’s gone mad with a bad case of road rage, making the city dangerous for everyone! And it’s up to Talking Tom Heroes to help fix Tom’s mistake before it’s too late…
Super friends and superheroes, Talking Tom Heroes are the protectors of the city! But will they be able to slam on the brakes and give the rampaging car the red light?!
There’s only one way to find out! Watch now and discover that friendship is a superpower!
#TalkingTomHeroes #TalkingTom #TalkingTomAndFriends
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Talking Tom Heroes are here to save the day! It’s friends to the rescue!
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Talking Tom Heroes
Talking Tom Heroes Miesiąc temu
Like this if you believe that mistakes make us stronger!
richarddelmundo12 22 godzin temu
Xbvdnx n z _3+"?4
fofana mariam
fofana mariam 3 dni temu
Magan Mishra
Magan Mishra 3 dni temu
J day to ff hi hi do Talking Tom 5
정장호 6 dni temu
Abdur Opu
Abdur Opu 6 dni temu
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Захар Козак
Захар Козак 16 godzin temu
круто том 😍
Rod Neira
Rod Neira 2 dni temu
The day of hell to take care dark souls to death of the women of god to help us out the lord of the holy Christ to be able to live the way to love to the person
Nilza Freitas
Nilza Freitas 2 dni temu
Quero ver notícias
이종순 3 dni temu
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 4 dni temu
Y LIKE this
Татьяна Моисеенко
Татьяна Моисеенко 4 dni temu
Jasmin Jasmin
Jasmin Jasmin 6 dni temu
Esengül Bulut
Esengül Bulut 6 dni temu
John Efendi
John Efendi 7 dni temu
Rm aku Jl tol
John Efendi
John Efendi 7 dni temu
ma h aku Jl tol
Макс Бай
Макс Бай 7 dni temu
Febri Kanaka
Febri Kanaka 7 dni temu
Wow tom sho feri good
Jardel Rocha
Jardel Rocha 8 dni temu
love kkkkkkkkkkk
Francisco Filho
Francisco Filho 8 dni temu
John Fetting
John Fetting 9 dni temu
Can you make a video of all the heros except for tom gets trapped in a cage because alot of racoons do alot of damage to the city and tom rescues angela rescues hank and in that episode ginger joins and tryes to save hank
hozan 68
hozan 68 10 dni temu
انا بحبك كتير يا Angela Tom BEN HANK Going RiNGR
TÔ HOÀ ORIFLAME 10 dni temu
Teia Balan
Teia Balan 11 dni temu
Angela are so lovely! I love she!😍😘😆
laila vanessa Guajardo
laila vanessa Guajardo 11 dni temu
I like angela and tom❤👍👏🏇
salas Salas
salas Salas 11 dni temu
Nastya Black
Nastya Black 11 dni temu
Wow! I love anime! 😁😀😘
K Vi
K Vi 11 dni temu
This amazing
Renata rico vs pobre E muito mais Ferreira Gomes
Renata rico vs pobre E muito mais Ferreira Gomes 11 dni temu
Eu amoba Ângela
rhiane pareja
rhiane pareja 11 dni temu
Pls more the art style is so bootiful
FNAF Bendy Granny TLH and memes
FNAF Bendy Granny TLH and memes 12 dni temu
Angela didn't used her powers? Why?
mom ka
mom ka 12 dni temu
Татьяна Олейник
Татьяна Олейник 12 dni temu
Ky Stephen Carlos
Ky Stephen Carlos 12 dni temu
Eww Hank Go In The Trashcan
Ky Stephen Carlos
Ky Stephen Carlos 12 dni temu
Car Is Fastest
Vika Gryaznova
Vika Gryaznova 12 dni temu
I love Angela
Huong Vo
Huong Vo 13 dni temu
I love you Angela
Ventrexian 1.5 - 2.5 HD Remix
Ventrexian 1.5 - 2.5 HD Remix 13 dni temu
TV Vinheta
TV Vinheta 14 dni temu
Tom, vc não devia ter sido naquele cara, o carro dele, na verdade, era uma Lamborghini Aventador! Esse tipo de Lamborghini é rápido pra chuchu!
Ribbon Powerpuff :3
Ribbon Powerpuff :3 14 dni temu
*We NeEd NeW ePiSoDeS*
Filiz Erdem
Filiz Erdem 14 dni temu
9.bölüm ne zaman çıkacak
kenisha.aqueena 14 dni temu
Tomkin Tom
Nhóc_Anh Poke Team
Nhóc_Anh Poke Team 14 dni temu
why do not have GinGer ?
TheCraftedDiamonder 15 dni temu
When will Ginger become one with the Crystal Heroes?
Rares Costache
Rares Costache 15 dni temu
3:43 the cars are ready to tune
Alec Hernandez
Alec Hernandez 15 dni temu
You sud make them switch power or body
Em Altea
Em Altea 16 dni temu
Hi lmao now watching this. Game 😍# from Philippines
bonk choy the fighter
bonk choy the fighter 16 dni temu
5:50 ginger:don't worry I am here to save the day others: phew
Isaac Rafael Alves
Isaac Rafael Alves 17 dni temu
Muito bom
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke 17 dni temu
Bad bad car4:15
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke 17 dni temu
When is episode 9 coming
Sara Rojas
Sara Rojas 18 dni temu
Tom héroes lo veo todos los días like si también te gusta 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Shimaa Saad 33
Shimaa Saad 33 18 dni temu
Who will be the 6th friend/hero of talking Tom and friends and talking Tom Heroes tell me in the comments below to check who will be the 6th friend/hero boy or girl so reply me until talking Tom checks this comment out.🐱🐱❓🐱🐶🐶
Алексей Добрейкин
Алексей Добрейкин 18 dni temu
Sebastian Delgadillo
Sebastian Delgadillo 18 dni temu
Mahamudakhanam Moni
Mahamudakhanam Moni 18 dni temu
Talking tom heroes WHEN THE EP 9 COMES
Влад Шевченко
Влад Шевченко 18 dni temu
а коли буде 9 серия
bonk choy the fighter
bonk choy the fighter 19 dni temu
I have the game for talking tom hero dash I got 3 hero's about to unlock ginger you should play talking Tom hero dash is fun
bonk choy the fighter
bonk choy the fighter 19 dni temu
I saw the trailer when this season came and there's where some episode that's I saw that haven't come up so that might be one of them in episode 9
Nirmal Das
Nirmal Das 20 dni temu
Where is episode 9 I am getting angry!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠
Nirmal Das
Nirmal Das 18 dni temu
@Sona Stachova are you angry
Sona Stachova
Sona Stachova 19 dni temu
Navas Phạm
Navas Phạm 20 dni temu
Nirmal Das
Nirmal Das 21 dzień temu
I want episode 9 now!!!!! Wednesday is today!!!
Virginia Gondraneos
Virginia Gondraneos 21 dzień temu
Do more episodes pls
Cinthyannmmamakal Ct
Cinthyannmmamakal Ct 9 dni temu
Cinthyannmmamakal Ct
Cinthyannmmamakal Ct 9 dni temu
avianmaker 7204
avianmaker 7204 21 dzień temu
Add new costumes like in the game
bonk choy the fighter
bonk choy the fighter 16 dni temu
Oufit7, Is the creator of talking tom so ask him
Joseph Kurniawan
Joseph Kurniawan 21 dzień temu
The bad car vs robot car
Rony Fortunato
Rony Fortunato 22 dni temu
Ben is *ThAnOs*
Escalena T
Escalena T 22 dni temu
P to fffddwe to o my iba to you
Влад Шевченко
Влад Шевченко 22 dni temu
вже невитримаю
Blanca Montanez
Blanca Montanez 22 dni temu
1 like = make ep.9
Rares Costache
Rares Costache 11 dni temu
Hey episode 9 is here yeti gets help
f Idzikowskijrjys
f Idzikowskijrjys 13 dni temu
f Idzikowskijrjys
f Idzikowskijrjys 13 dni temu
Askar Birmuhammedov
Askar Birmuhammedov 23 dni temu
Drew Robinson
Drew Robinson 23 dni temu
waiting for episode 9
Mélody Simard
Mélody Simard 24 dni temu
Rahul Karmakar
Rahul Karmakar 25 dni temu
Fatima Zebibo
Fatima Zebibo 25 dni temu
Rares Costache
Rares Costache 26 dni temu
The cars is going to tune and help
Rares Costache
Rares Costache 26 dni temu
The car is mad
Rares Costache
Rares Costache 26 dni temu
One car is broken Super engine
Super Gameplays
Super Gameplays 26 dni temu
Thays Oliveira
Thays Oliveira 26 dni temu
กุหลาบเกราะเพชร กุหลาบเกราะเพชร
กุหลาบเกราะเพชร กุหลาบเกราะเพชร 26 dni temu
Boo Fight Crime Drama
iqbal soni
iqbal soni 26 dni temu
Uh Bad
iqbal soni
iqbal soni 26 dni temu
The Light is Making The Car Go Very Vad
조희제 26 dni temu
호텔 들어 갔어요 오늘 하루도 즐겁게 보내시길 바랄게요
Calon Gamer
Calon Gamer 27 dni temu
Anjir lagu ke pertama ziggy zagga versi inggris
Egan Fadillah Aditya
Egan Fadillah Aditya 23 dni temu
Kamu bahasa Indonesia
Влад Шевченко
Влад Шевченко 27 dni temu
ав наступній серійи щоб Бен том і анжела хенк і джинджер були вдягнені в новий одяг
Влад Шевченко
Влад Шевченко 22 dni temu
я вже невтримую
Armi De Ramos
Armi De Ramos 27 dni temu
Armi De Ramos
Armi De Ramos 27 dni temu
Angela in hero costume be like:im fast as f**k
Owen Kingsley
Owen Kingsley 27 dni temu
Tom you are inposter
thata euthata
thata euthata 27 dni temu
make a nwe episode is ep 9 ghauost the ghost it teleports very freaky and its impossible too beat it almost killed ginger tom hank angela and ben
Keaton Smith
Keaton Smith 27 dni temu
I still can't believe that Ness and Lucas are fighters in smash. Would you all like to see Porky Minch becomes a DLC fighter in smash ultimate and I saw the Porky Minch leak and his own fighter spirit leak as a DLC fighter. If Porky Minch was a DLC fighter he would destroy his enemies with his final smash called "King Statue."
Marylaura Vaca camacho
Marylaura Vaca camacho 24 dni temu
Keaton Smith
Nirmal Das
Nirmal Das 27 dni temu
Where is episode 9 ? Today is Wednesday!
jovo Xanki
jovo Xanki 28 dni temu
jovo Xanki
jovo Xanki 28 dni temu
Bagas Maukti
Bagas Maukti 28 dni temu
EXCELLNT gater mity glents super make hear meis took
Bagas Maukti
Bagas Maukti 22 dni temu
Mai Anh Hòang gatuns bagteid mers nast poli reny
Mai Anh Hòang
Mai Anh Hòang 22 dni temu
nafee Ibtisam
nafee Ibtisam 28 dni temu
Garbage Car isn't Fighting To Hard Battle. Garbage Car Vs Talking Tom (Sci-Fi) Friends. So Hard Action Begins.
Gabriel Soares
Gabriel Soares 28 dni temu
Jules YT
Jules YT 29 dni temu
Darka J
Darka J 29 dni temu
Tom put too much in the carThe car is going to go really fast
Kamal Norizan
Kamal Norizan 22 dni temu
1e5443wweseeddessdsdfgu777899096 H
บัวจันทร์ บริคุต
บัวจันทร์ บริคุต 28 dni temu
frojo apps 2
frojo apps 2 29 dni temu
Like 3000
Me & Morrisa
Me & Morrisa 29 dni temu
I’m just washing this because it was on the game
Robin Hacker
Robin Hacker 29 dni temu
The tip of the day is drive resposibly
hozan 68
hozan 68 29 dni temu
انا بحبك كتير يا Angela Tom BEN HANK Going RiNGE
Чупики 29 dni temu
*Hero Dash nice animation*
Alperen Karaca
Alperen Karaca 29 dni temu
The car is like tutu on pororo
Чупики 29 dni temu
Tom Hero Dash best game for kids
aditya apatailaso
aditya apatailaso 29 dni temu
ginger no herois
Nghiem Tran
Nghiem Tran 29 dni temu
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