Steven Universe Season 6 Update! New Episodes + Peridot & Steven Scene!

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The Roundtable

The Roundtable

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Steven Universe Season 6 update - why season 6 will have some of the best episodes in the series and a huge emotional Steven/Peridot teaser! Go to to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free.
With Steven Universe's upcoming sixth season, Steven's voice actor Zach Callison shed some light on the season alongside a storyboarder teasing a huge emotional scene between Steven and Peridot! How can the series go beyond Change Your Mind with the end of White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and Pink Diamond's reign as cruel leaders? Can Peridot return to Homeworld and face her former gem colleagues? Can we see any new gems pop up along the way? Let's dive into some news and speculation with the hit Cartoon Network series!
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Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Joshua Criger
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.

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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Miesiąc temu
What do you think Steven and Peridot's big emotional moment will be? Let us know! Go to to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free. ARTWITHKODA:
andrew dick
andrew dick 2 dni temu
im so hyped
Leo Escola
Leo Escola Miesiąc temu
Hi Roundtable, I just want to know how the payment works in ExpressVPN, do you pay the full price right off the bat, or pay almost 7 euros a month, in the special 15 month plan?
Nindya YT
Nindya YT Miesiąc temu
Fusion and hug!!!!😍😍😘😘😗😗😙😙😚😚😚😆😆😆😆💖💖💖💞💞💞💕💕💕💟💟💟💗💗💗😖😖😖
Tyler Arnold
Tyler Arnold Miesiąc temu
Rudyolf Schiermeister but how does he know that will be an episode
Rudyolf Schiermeister
Rudyolf Schiermeister Miesiąc temu
It will be peridot coming to terms with yellow diamond because perisot betrayed yellow diamond. It would have seemed to her friends on homeworld that she was abandoning them. It might be her coming to terms and apologizing to her friends on Homeworld
YeeHawJoce _
YeeHawJoce _ 3 dni temu
Andi Winter
Andi Winter 3 dni temu
We are the crystal gems we gonna find season 3 and if you think we can't will eat you alive
TheDevilGumdropArt 7 dni temu
Atlest we know everytime steven fuse with the gems they might be a girl and a boy. I hope when peridot and Steve fuse its a boy and lapis and Steven fuse is a girl Edit: sounds weird i know but i just wanna see a manly peridot
Christinewho Gaming
Christinewho Gaming 2 dni temu
Also, there's corelation the LGBT+ community. Pls, don't hate be polite
Rauufi Notosutardjo
Rauufi Notosutardjo 7 dni temu
I want steven and connie to hook up
Beck Wells
Beck Wells 9 dni temu
Okay okay okay hear me out-the callout with Zach and Shelby could mean that Steven maybe got Peridot comfortable enough with herself to fuse. If this is the case, she might be open to more fusion after and as Lapis is her best friend, she might be open to recreational fusion to signify their bond (and obvious gayness for each other). It might take awhile to convince Lapis because of her previous abusive relationship with the Jasper-Lapis fusion (whose name I cannot remember), but I think eventually she'll come around and LAPIDOT WILL BE CANON KING BABEY Pls, Rebecca Pls pls pls don't pull a Klance on us
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 10 dni temu
I don't think its going to happen kid
life box
life box 11 dni temu
What is steven and peridot mean
StarBoy the Popsicle King
StarBoy the Popsicle King 11 dni temu
Peridot and Steven (OLD): -Trying to capture a corrupted gem- Peridot and Steven (NEW): -Probably a Fusion-
Ali Bird
Ali Bird 13 dni temu
At the VERY END of the LAST episode of SEASON FIVE, you can see Red Diamond! Just wanted to say!
Christinewho Gaming
Christinewho Gaming 2 dni temu
What do you mean?
semperConstant 15 dni temu
i was at momocon 2019 and i missed the c a s t ???? ;(
Peri Dorito
Peri Dorito 16 dni temu
I'm a Stevidot shipper, and if they don't fuse soon I might break my TV. 😁
Christopher Chircop
Christopher Chircop 17 dni temu
Roundtable:season 6 Me:excited because Steven universe eps are so addicting
Gabi Chirilă
Gabi Chirilă 19 dni temu
Damn I really hope it ain't over
Chrishasflo 20 dni temu
I was today years old when I found out Rebecca sugar went to my cousins high school Montgomery Blair
Soy Boy
Soy Boy 20 dni temu
Wait wait wait wait! ✋ Stop. Rewind. How was Amethyst...A BABY? In the episode We Need To Talk...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!
Soy Boy
Soy Boy 17 dni temu
@Christopher Chircop oohhh, thank you!
Christopher Chircop
Christopher Chircop 17 dni temu
She didn’t know the form of gem yet
Alvaro Fernandez
Alvaro Fernandez 20 dni temu
I fully expect Peridot and Steven to become closer, and for maybe us to see more of Homeworld society via Peridot's eyes. What interests me most is how these personalities will play out against the repercussions of the Diamond Authority suddenly loosening its restrictions, as I expect it will. A coup attempt on Homeworld would be logical. Authoritarian regimes and monarchies suffer revolutions when they loosen up. There's a reason the French Revolution didn't happen under e.g. the Sun King. Likewise, two groups- 1. autocratic gems whose lust for power has been kept at bay for fear of the ruthlessness of the Diamond Authority and 2. disaffected /oppressed/ alienated gems who've suffered under the DA's decrees, form together a powder keg. A high level gem could attempt a coup, or start a revolution leveraging long standing animosity: "Rose had the right idea! Let's shatter them all!" The fact Rose didn't exist won't matter. In addition, if there are other aliens out there, this moment of transition in the DA is a perfect moment to engage in some creative redrawing of borders. Not saying Steven Universe is going to be all GoT :-) but they've got all the elements right to explore what happens when a totalitarian regime loosens its grip. Experience is: upheaval.
Timothy Taylor
Timothy Taylor 20 dni temu
Steven Universe cast: This juice is lovely. Awestruck Vox: *[Season Six confirmed]*
Boba- Kun POP!
Boba- Kun POP! 20 dni temu
My sister’s friend dated Zach for 3 months. My sister didn’t tell me. They broke up. Who breaks up with the main character or a show?!
The kiLLeR
The kiLLeR 21 dzień temu
Its not an episode its the movie
Hardstyle Boi
Hardstyle Boi 22 dni temu
*thumbs up* ok, fusion.
el fan de leidiboj steven y brawl stars
el fan de leidiboj steven y brawl stars 23 dni temu
Steven and Peridot's big emotional moment: Me: *i SmElL a FuSiOn CoMiNg On*
Mittens Paw
Mittens Paw 24 dni temu
Look, I kinda want Lapis to leave and not be a Crystal Gem So, Jasper is like, 99.99% sure to come back and have an arc, so Lapis will probably get mad.
Adrien Altidor
Adrien Altidor 25 dni temu
What if its hessonite from the game save the light
Glaxel 28 dni temu
Just a quick skip in case you don't wanna deal with the express Vpn ad, It goes on from 2:14-3:31
Jasper The Spirit
Jasper The Spirit 28 dni temu
sevi 29 dni temu
The Roundtable: Season 6 update! Me: Don't do that :( Don't give me hope
Mark Petrakis
Mark Petrakis Miesiąc temu
Steven universe should focus on pink diamond right after she came to be up until she gets shattered
AirPods.mp4 Miesiąc temu
I want Steven universe to end next year and then a new spin off show comes called “Home World” where it shows home world pre gem war and how pink was as a diamond in more detail
MrG100 GT
MrG100 GT Miesiąc temu
The one at the END looks like White Pearl aka Pink Pearl maybe Pink Pearl was cracked in the eye by White Diamond because she became evil like she looks END sceene. And Pink Pearl might be the next seasons evil gem.
Eden Meadows
Eden Meadows Miesiąc temu
I love the frickin thumbnail 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Squishee Fishee W31RD0
Squishee Fishee W31RD0 Miesiąc temu
Ooooh I can’t wait :3
NUCLEAR NATE Miesiąc temu
More green space dorito coming your way
Nucleartoast Miesiąc temu
O yeah connie kinda said what will happen in the movie (check the episode with aquamarine)
Wig less
Wig less Miesiąc temu
Unipotato Princess
Unipotato Princess Miesiąc temu
*chanting* lapidot lapidot lapidot
Comrade Lad Boi
Comrade Lad Boi Miesiąc temu
I miss society
Comrade Lad Boi
Comrade Lad Boi Miesiąc temu
China had 20 million casualties during the Second World War.
Comrade Lad Boi
Comrade Lad Boi Miesiąc temu
Soviet Russia had 30 million casualties during the Second World War
Galaxy Wolvez
Galaxy Wolvez Miesiąc temu
I smell fusion
two cities.
two cities. Miesiąc temu
Damn nigga why u so giddy in the beginning. "WeLCOME BACK TO CrysTAL cLEARR" faceass
Moha GamesQ8
Moha GamesQ8 Miesiąc temu
I wish there is Black Diamond and it's so evil and red and others but i just wish there is Black Diamond and it's so powerful like a god :)
XPandqz Miesiąc temu
Osama Clash
Osama Clash Miesiąc temu
but why the clickbait :[
Cheekers Miesiąc temu
It’d be cool to have an episode on rhodonite or fluorite’s gems meeting
Jacob Averitt
Jacob Averitt Miesiąc temu
I didn't know that you could wipe someone's tears through their visor
Rin Pett
Rin Pett Miesiąc temu
seriously? no-ones gonna say it? You noticed, I noticed, we all noticed. That thumbnail really cries out stevidot.
PEACHY Miesiąc temu
u had me sold on express vpn when u said i could watch steven universe on netflix
best at being me
best at being me Miesiąc temu
Imagine they go full gurren laggan and all combine for the finale.
Puffle Pudding
Puffle Pudding Miesiąc temu
Wait but Zach said he really wants a Steven and Peridot Fusion... Zach says his Favorite Episodes are unreleased....... oh my gOd
matt johan terrado
matt johan terrado Miesiąc temu
Cartoon Network never updated about Steven Universe
Brody Pl
Brody Pl Miesiąc temu
when is the new episodes?
Adrian Maldonado
Adrian Maldonado Miesiąc temu
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m crying and screaming so happily!!!😁😂😭😆😂
DavethXL Miesiąc temu
pretty much everything in the title was a lie, lol
Eric of the Crystal Gems
Eric of the Crystal Gems Miesiąc temu
I was literally clickbated. Where exactly is the new peridot and Steven scene exactly???
blueberry loves dusty
blueberry loves dusty Miesiąc temu
Steven Universe: *breathes* Roundtable: *_SEASON 6 UPDATE-_*
flame trooper entertainment
flame trooper entertainment Miesiąc temu
Get out of here ostan. Nobody likes you.
SnekyDoodle Miesiąc temu
SnekyDoodle Miesiąc temu
C.L.G. Nothing
C.L.G. Nothing Miesiąc temu
I want them to make me love Peridot again...
Firewave Miesiąc temu
I don't mind new seasons; I'm so affectionate to the characters and writing I'm actually pretty delighted.
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer Miesiąc temu
CN,better start giving more screen time to good shows like The Amazing World of Gumball or Steven Universe and stop supporting that TTG crap!!!!
XxkillerslumberXx X
XxkillerslumberXx X Miesiąc temu
Zach : *breathes* Tumblr : OMG OFN FKDJS SEASON 6 CONFIRMED !!
Betzy B
Betzy B Miesiąc temu
I see a potential fusion coming on
AAX Here
AAX Here Miesiąc temu
Make a lars video
Reincarnation of Me. Bob Ross himself
Reincarnation of Me. Bob Ross himself Miesiąc temu
F U S I O N!!!!!!!!
Digi Tamer J
Digi Tamer J Miesiąc temu
Vladimir Pudding
Vladimir Pudding Miesiąc temu
MOMO:the scary monster CON:a event where fans gather to do fan things
Mev Miesiąc temu
In the thumbnail *STEVEN HAS A NECK??*
Jerald Armstrong
Jerald Armstrong Miesiąc temu
Hello Roundtable cartoon network you tube just post that steven universe is a musical.
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