Single Girl's Famous Daughter Gets Married In The Sims 4

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Kelsey is back to finally get her first born from the 100 Baby Challenge hitched! Our famous, sweet baby angel Olive is in love and the whole family is coming to the wedding! You’re invited to the event of the year.
Let's add this to Season 2 of the spinoff series playlist (the Olive gets famous spinoff) please! -MK
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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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Rebecca Crane
Rebecca Crane 22 godzin temu
i love sims 4 but i dont think i cant get it
Itz Holzipop
Itz Holzipop Dzień temu
I ship Kaylive does that sound good idk 😂
Sara The Croissant
Sara The Croissant 3 dni temu
Kelsey 👏👏you are beautiful!!
Fiona Perez
Fiona Perez 3 dni temu
I been watching since Olive was born
Samantha Rodriguez
Samantha Rodriguez 4 dni temu
Wait! Can famous Olive meet normal Olive? Answer pls
Awesomeness YouTube Channel
Awesomeness YouTube Channel 4 dni temu
Hey she married me my name is Kayla
RouRou LH
RouRou LH 5 dni temu
I am so sorry but I think Olive is kinda ugly
Luj Taws Therapist
Luj Taws Therapist 8 dni temu
Hi how is everyone doing today I hope you have a great day and week
Erika Rain B
Erika Rain B 9 dni temu
Your so naturally accepting of nonbinary life it's awesome. it's why i think i watch you aside from all the awesome of you
Leigh Schwarz
Leigh Schwarz 10 dni temu
You should name a girl Joanna or Emma and a boy Benjamin or Nolan
carlos hernandez
carlos hernandez 10 dni temu
Can you do more vídeos of Olive plis
Megan Troughton
Megan Troughton 10 dni temu
I l o v e this keep going and I wish Chelsea never ever aged up
Harlee Watts
Harlee Watts 13 dni temu
You should name a baby girl Lilly and a boy nicklos
Michaela Nelson
Michaela Nelson 13 dni temu
I literally cannot make a sim with that high sock bun because THATS OLIVE'S HAIR DANG IT!! 😂
Kayla Grahn
Kayla Grahn 13 dni temu
Kayla? Did I miss an episode
Itss MaxG
Itss MaxG 13 dni temu
I just have watched the main series 27th episode and seeing chealsey still as an adult takes me back and I'm starting to get emotional
Devony Thoene
Devony Thoene 14 dni temu
Awwwwe! Please do an episode with Kayla and Olive having a baby together
Rock Girl
Rock Girl 14 dni temu
Is that olive wife ?
Wolf Pup
Wolf Pup 15 dni temu
They should adopted!❤️❤️
Cady Edwards
Cady Edwards 15 dni temu
Can you please name a Girl: Taylor Kate Or Cady ( Katie) Or A Boy: Carson Or Camden
Emma S
Emma S 16 dni temu
DRINKING GAME: Take a shot every time Kelsey says *PRETTY*
Dimitra Ramos
Dimitra Ramos 16 dni temu
you should do a video where you dress like the sims 4 for a week
Ingrid Rib
Ingrid Rib 16 dni temu
Nobody: Me: Well, Cooper finally found his lost sense of style
Zara Kadian
Zara Kadian 17 dni temu
Lilah Gebrekidan
Lilah Gebrekidan 17 dni temu
To all u game of thrones haters game of thrones game of thrones GAME OF THRONES IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilah Gebrekidan
Lilah Gebrekidan 17 dni temu
Kaylas after wedding hair is my natural hair
pixielove1977 18 dni temu
Have kids
Kaylin Gacha roblox
Kaylin Gacha roblox 18 dni temu
I thought chelsey is an elder
Laila Goodson
Laila Goodson 18 dni temu
So Olive and that other girl is lesbian
Tris Mcl
Tris Mcl 19 dni temu
Lol Olive got married before her mom!
Mjgirl55 19 dni temu
Awww so pretty! Its kind of a bummer no one was paying seems like when they stood together that everyone would have sat down and had little reactions
sobexy 19 dni temu
Yas Queen!!!!!!!
Chloe Gantz
Chloe Gantz 19 dni temu
Why do I not know that Jame is martied
maya 19 dni temu
wait i thought olive couldn’t get married because once the head of the matriarch can’t bear children , the oldest child takes its place ? isn’t it like against the rules ?
Megan Decker
Megan Decker 19 dni temu
OTP olive Kayla
Lana Zolon
Lana Zolon 19 dni temu
I didn’t know olive was lesbian
Blanca Molinero Aguirre
Blanca Molinero Aguirre 20 dni temu
I really wanna get the CC that she's got installed.
Rynan Nash
Rynan Nash 20 dni temu
do more video"s
AliPlaz 20 dni temu
Kayla and Olive need to have a baby already!!!!!!!!
Melanie Anderson
Melanie Anderson 20 dni temu
Alexa Byrd
Alexa Byrd 20 dni temu
Kelsey: "This could be quite cool for her, in like a b ( picks blue and quickly changes to pink) I mean the pinks quite cool isn't it. I get the vibe Kelsey didn't like the blue.
LadyGwynhwfar 20 dni temu
Great wedding I loved watching it
GraceLps .09
GraceLps .09 21 dzień temu
Olive should get pregnant!!
Martina Habánová
Martina Habánová 21 dzień temu
Kaylin Seagraves
Kaylin Seagraves 22 dni temu
does anyone else think that Olive looks a little like Carrie Underwood
Hailey Green
Hailey Green 22 dni temu
kayla’s after party outfit makes her look like a wear wolf😂
Cyan M
Cyan M 23 dni temu
Now Olive and Kayla need to have BaBy ToGeThEr
Eleanor Dean
Eleanor Dean 24 dni temu
You should make Olive pregnant. That would be so funny
Ravenclaw District 3 Glader
Ravenclaw District 3 Glader 24 dni temu
Natalie’s trying to be Katniss 😂
Camilla Upson
Camilla Upson 24 dni temu
Lexi Daino
Lexi Daino 25 dni temu
the whole time during CAS I'm just like.... the ring Kelsey the ring!!!!
Angelica Fotland
Angelica Fotland 25 dni temu
Awwww, a sweet episode! Hopefully we’ll see more spin-off series in the future. Keep up the good work Kelsey, you’re amazing!
Candace Turner
Candace Turner 26 dni temu
The cruch I’ve developed on Kelsey is actually crazy lol
Michael M
Michael M 26 dni temu
i think am going to cry
Michael M
Michael M 26 dni temu
man time flys
Hannah F
Hannah F 26 dni temu
Their kids would be so so pretty omg
Jo Baker
Jo Baker 26 dni temu
this video actually made my little lesbian heart explode oh so cute
Kate 1
Kate 1 26 dni temu
Wouldn’t it be funny if Kayla’s dad was one of Chelsea’s men so olive and Kayla would’ve been related
Lilyyy 26 dni temu
The sims should make more wedding stuff, like a wedding planner career.
Lilyyy 26 dni temu
Lilyyy 26 dni temu
Someone please download the family and make them famous and Chelsea is like a star of “Keeping Up With The Impicheshmays: the 100 baby tale” THAT WOULD BE SO GOOD 😂
Lillian Paige
Lillian Paige 27 dni temu
Y’all should get custom content for the Cc so u can get realistic clothes an hair
HEATCO CM 27 dni temu
I hope this series never ends. The spin offs are endless! Lol
Fun with the Clarks
Fun with the Clarks 27 dni temu
Boys : Mike. Chase. Brandon Camron Girls: Olivia Naomi Becky. Lacey. Ruby
Avery Goodman
Avery Goodman 27 dni temu
Maybe the girls and Dusty should move to somewhere new and see if they can have a baby ?? Cause they got married
I enjoy sleeping to the soothing sounds of a pickle
I enjoy sleeping to the soothing sounds of a pickle 27 dni temu
You should have dyed her hair
Gina M
Gina M 27 dni temu
18:26 *can hear Natalie turning into a bat... AGAIN* Naia and Olive: *turn toward the sound* Kelsey: Omg Natalie.... such a drama queen.
skibiF 27 dni temu
Oh which pack contains that gorgeous hair at 7:41 ?
Emma Medaglia
Emma Medaglia 27 dni temu
If olive has a baby name the girl Emma boy Taylor hehehe remember Taylor from last season
dipmunk 27 dni temu
We want more Olive! Please do an episode where she and kayla find a new house!
Nataja Spring
Nataja Spring 28 dni temu
Natalie we get it...calm down! 😂😂😂😂
Single Girl Tries Making Her Daughter Famous In The Sims 4 - Finale
Single Girl Has Her First Time In The Sims 4 | Part 29
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