Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky

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Bloveslife Dzień temu
GM, Everyone, I just wanted to say I don't know what some of yall beef is with Vicky but I genuinely like her for the person she is. She really is a sweet young lady. A lot of yall may not agree what she does or how she does it but I'm a strong believer in to each its own. None of us are perfect, if u have problems with individuals Pray for them and keep it movin. Love u Guys very much, Enjoy the rest of your Weekend😍
samantha slusher
samantha slusher 23 godzin temu
Anything for money. Even turn on your own for a girl who mocks your own.
Ana Batista
Ana Batista 23 godzin temu
Sarah Rainier Saiga apparently she had brain surgery too
Phyllisha Hart
Phyllisha Hart 23 godzin temu
Bloveslife I love your positivity and even though ppl don’t approve, she is 19 she is who she is and she has room to grow! I love your channel and I love your acceptance and growth. Keep doing you, I love you both!!!
Fuert Neigt
Fuert Neigt 23 godzin temu
This channel is pretty amazing, all the other big youtubers are fake, but this channel you can see those are real American girls, keeping it real.
Dr Di B BB
Dr Di B BB 23 godzin temu
Tazia Lockette Maybe she will learn today she don't have to be that way
Nea 17
Nea 17 23 godzin temu
I love Vicky period
Eating with Shadia
Eating with Shadia 23 godzin temu
Omg I love this ❤❤❤
JayJay Edits
JayJay Edits 23 godzin temu
Her left eyelash hangin off 💀😂😂
Tiffany Rain
Tiffany Rain 23 godzin temu
Wow that's a girl w iq of 60 tops
_MakeUp 4Breakfast
_MakeUp 4Breakfast 23 godzin temu
I was waiting for Vicky’s eyelash to fall right in that sauce!!
Loyalty Alwayz LoyaltyAlwayz
Loyalty Alwayz LoyaltyAlwayz 23 godzin temu
I knew that was her but thats dope she not feeding that energy. She repping herself and looking for growth. Thats dope.
Porscha Moore
Porscha Moore 23 godzin temu
Poor baby mouth is burning up messing with
Restingmoney051 23 godzin temu
☻Here's My Opinion☻
☻Here's My Opinion☻ 23 godzin temu
Ohhhh nooo😭😭 this whole vid
April Edmonds
April Edmonds 23 godzin temu
maurizzio garcia
maurizzio garcia 23 godzin temu
Vicky looking like she got lobotomised
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael 23 godzin temu
Bet her parents are proud lol
Angel Got the dough
Angel Got the dough 23 godzin temu
Thought it was sid the sloth
Martha Melchor
Martha Melchor 23 godzin temu
I was like "wipe that fucken sauce off your chin vickyyyy"!!!! Ughhhhh! 😣😣
amira muse
amira muse 23 godzin temu
her eyelash comin off💀
Shannon Wilde
Shannon Wilde 23 godzin temu
No one cares about our comments but I don’t mind Vicky. She’s a beautiful girl and acts genuine. That is what sets her apart from Danielle. The only thing I don’t get is why talk like that? I can hardly understand BLL at times.
kari reid
kari reid 23 godzin temu
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................? LOV YA BLOVE but VICKY! Don't A GOOD LOOK Don't A GOOD LOOK. Like u said gurl to each its OWN.
kick-itWithKish 23 godzin temu
My ears: "you taste ass before right?" Heart drops 😯 Woahvicky: "yes eggs" Me: "oh" 😂🙈
Lavarr TM
Lavarr TM 23 godzin temu
She just clout farming you lol.
X Hobo Savage X
X Hobo Savage X 23 godzin temu
In the beginning Vicky looks high as shit
Sammi B
Sammi B 23 godzin temu
yo, stop this. I already unsub because of your insecurity with yourself but please stop encouraging this behavior. You're a whole grown woman act like it!
Amylia 23 godzin temu
An1gMa5realm 23 godzin temu
Why you gotta chew with your mouth open. It's ratchet, and you got all that food. Save some for everyone else, this is gross.
Kendra Teigan
Kendra Teigan 23 godzin temu
tell Vicky to curl her lashes so they won’t be covering her eyes & drooping! A eyelash curler.
*** Lizzette ***
*** Lizzette *** 23 godzin temu
😂8/10 of y'all need to stop playin yourselves😄🙊 Some of you of course got something negative to say BUT if you would of seen her out in the streets y'all would ask for a picture or a autograph, or play nice and wouldn't say sh** to her face😂 Why do some of y'all act like you have never acted, done, did, or said something stupid before? and to the older audience you act like you have never been young before on some dumb sh**, *ignorance is bliss. People are all entitled to their own opinion and point of view. Some of y'all need to sit back and reflect before being so quick to judge and show you immaturity. Judge ya damn self. *Belove do you girl, i liked this video* 😁👏 *keep going strong love!* ❤😍
Ashley Shoe
Ashley Shoe 23 godzin temu
Dis mayo can't take the heat..hahaha
Reece’s Peace
Reece’s Peace 23 godzin temu
that hanging eyelash is killing me 😐
lunetta williams
lunetta williams 23 godzin temu
Lol, you are the DUMBEST OLD WOMAN,whats wrong with you? This dumb broad is a joke and so are you trying to impress your viewers with this Ebonics joke.BLOVE YOU'RE REALLY LOST! maybe your feeling this joke because RATCHET KNOW RATCHET! Dumb ass flying ALL over the Country off that youtube money trying to be a D LIST celebrity with bad table manners!! The things that people will do for clout!
Melissa Corrales
Melissa Corrales 23 godzin temu
Does Viki kno shes not a black woman?! Cuz idk if she truly does. No hate jus sayn this dnt seem right to me.
Dantdm iz boss Sub to him
Dantdm iz boss Sub to him 23 godzin temu
Another video wit da sloth
A V 23 godzin temu
I just lost brain cells watching with Vicki talking
Melissa Corrales
Melissa Corrales 23 godzin temu
I've been bearing so many things about this channel. Is it possible to do a vid on wuts being said. Woah Vicky aint helpn shit either tho. 😂
Queen Elease Toney
Queen Elease Toney 23 godzin temu
Vicky went in 🤣🤣🤣
Jaquan Chaney
Jaquan Chaney 23 godzin temu
Blove Trending Number 6❤️🥰
Lakreshia Adams
Lakreshia Adams 23 godzin temu
I see everybody talking shit if you don’t like it don’t watch simple
Sarah Rainier Saiga
Sarah Rainier Saiga 23 godzin temu
Well I suppose it won’t matter now since she’s trending. Congrats B negative clout got you up there
Kenya Conley
Kenya Conley 23 godzin temu
It hurts me you did this! Is about the money now?????😤👍🏿🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤭🤫😔😔💯☹️😘
Rachal Macias
Rachal Macias 23 godzin temu
She makes black people look stupid and she ain’t even black it makes me mad that she she acts like she’s black and sets off this vibe that black people act like her 😡 she’s very disrespectful period!! She’s famous off of being FAKE!! And dumb people feed into it omg this wasn’t a good idea!!!!
STAR NICOLE 23 godzin temu
I love how she talk lol
goodguygurbz 23 godzin temu
Time To Read The Comments About Vicky!
Royal Essence
Royal Essence 23 godzin temu
These comments going in 🤣🤣.. but what made her want to do a video with this girl.. she’s illiterate asf , this is juss sad. This is the worst video you ever made blove .
Yameir Lacy
Yameir Lacy 23 godzin temu
Collab with Queen Naija
Yameir Lacy
Yameir Lacy 23 godzin temu
Collab with Queen Naija
Yameir Lacy
Yameir Lacy 23 godzin temu
Collab with Queen Naija
Yameir Lacy
Yameir Lacy 23 godzin temu
Collab with Queen Naija
soccer1990av 23 godzin temu
I wouldn’t be able to eat seafood with long as mf nails !
ShookTV 23 godzin temu
her whole eyelash falling off, why blove ain't tell her to whipe her mouth. wth.
msmightymelle 23 godzin temu
Hey Blove, we're facing ecosystem collapse and climate breakdown on an unprecedented scale. An incredible effort is needed to transform our energy over the next decade or we will face irreversible calamity. The next generations will want to know what you did when there was still time to act. You have influence at a critical time in history. Please use it wisely.
arosehind s
arosehind s 23 godzin temu
props to them for doing all that with those long nails lol
Faye Love
Faye Love 23 godzin temu
all I can say is wow ..... 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
0ffical Mya
0ffical Mya 23 godzin temu
U could’ve at least did my girl Danielle Bregoli😍😂💯
Kiing Miilk
Kiing Miilk 23 godzin temu
I can’t stop looking at those shitty eyelashes 😂
Michel’le Saunders
Michel’le Saunders 23 godzin temu
I thought it was a good video! No matter what Mrs Vicky does or say like Blove said to each it’s own. Just bc she acts different than the “typical” white person does doesn’t mean she is making fun or trying to be something that she is not. I am black and I act white (as I’ve been told) bc I went to a all white school. It just depends on what you grew up around and what your use to.
Kyla London
Kyla London 23 godzin temu
Yall are some haters mind y’all business and get some money 🤦🏾‍♀️ yall are ridiculous questioning this women I actually enjoyed this video KEEP IT UP LOVE YOU GIRLLL 💛💛💛
0ffical Mya
0ffical Mya 23 godzin temu
Turn off comments😂‼️
Lucky Mea
Lucky Mea 23 godzin temu
Blove know exactly what she's doing lol keep up the good work blove. Let the haters hate.
Olivia Love
Olivia Love 23 godzin temu
No ma’am. Absolutely not. You should really take this video down. This is sad. Smh
D. W
D. W 23 godzin temu
Next is bhad bhabie
Wawa the unicorn Unicorn
Wawa the unicorn Unicorn 23 godzin temu
How do you make that sauce
Jalisa Douglas
Jalisa Douglas 23 godzin temu
girl she scared to eat see me im a whole fat ass half of that shit will be gone lol
Kiikii Harris
Kiikii Harris 23 godzin temu
Omg she just cough all over the food... she wanted to be rich always, That's fine but did u have to make your fame off of being blk. Is that your only talent?🤦‍♀️
Milton Jones
Milton Jones 23 godzin temu
Who are you now. A talk show host.
kasanza 23 godzin temu
Whoa Wicky! Pewds just didn't know how much else she had to offer....
Jermeyah Beauty
Jermeyah Beauty 23 godzin temu
Kinda hard to forget all the ignorant shenanigans she did in the past... but she seem like she cooled down. Hopefully that’s the case. She’s still young and has a lot to learn.
Milton Jones
Milton Jones 23 godzin temu
Who are you now. A talk show host.
Dayna Iananna
Dayna Iananna 23 godzin temu
“ i dO pRAnkS oN mY mOM “ headass. No sis you be faking them pRAnkS therefore it ain’t no prank 😴🤦🏽‍♀️
Danny M
Danny M 23 godzin temu
Ewww. Your mouth tho
Mel 23 godzin temu
The girl who keeps saying she's black? On a black girls channel?
FestiveSlime Nation
FestiveSlime Nation 23 godzin temu
My bday is the day before Memorial Day which is May 26❤️💕👑❣💍🇧🇸💓
draw phobia
draw phobia 23 godzin temu
Vickys eyelashes look kike a dollar store broom dont @ me
ebarton1475 23 godzin temu
ErikShestakov 23 godzin temu
Too many black people in one video
Melissa Mataira
Melissa Mataira 23 godzin temu
ErikShestakov 😂😂😂
Nikita Kovic
Nikita Kovic 23 godzin temu
Oh hell no
Same old New York New Solutions
Same old New York New Solutions 23 godzin temu
MICHAEL WARE 23 godzin temu
Drunk and high
Lala Alal
Lala Alal 23 godzin temu
Oh no girl . Why ? She literally makes fun of black people and talks shit about y’all all the time but you got her here . Smh
Bianca Gonzalez
Bianca Gonzalez 23 godzin temu
As a black woman, it drove me crazy to hear Vicky talk like she’s black. 🥴
Royal Essence
Royal Essence 23 godzin temu
She said she thought she was presbyterian.. 😑 asked if she ate chicken, then asked if she ate meat.. ignorant.
Mini- Cutzi
Mini- Cutzi 23 godzin temu
Truly Woah Vicky does seem genuinely nice I just try not to have beef with people I don’t know also I’m jealous of what their eating
chaudelle Solomon
chaudelle Solomon 23 godzin temu
I enjoyed this collab
Santino Lombardo
Santino Lombardo 23 godzin temu
Black lady got false teef, and the white one wish she had false teef like the black lady
cookie Cookie
cookie Cookie 23 godzin temu
The way she keep bending the crab and taking for ever I just want to come thur the phone an snatch it out of her hand. 19 an Retarded
Jalisa Douglas
Jalisa Douglas 23 godzin temu
yo she was arrested at Greensboro mall in Greensboro Nc 😂
overlord 23 godzin temu
They always got these nasty ass females eating good food
Trashy Bashy Matt
Trashy Bashy Matt 23 godzin temu
i lost a million brain cells watching this
Dorothy Curry
Dorothy Curry 23 godzin temu
Never thought i would ever see this
Vivian Harrison
Vivian Harrison 23 godzin temu
Mrs. Blove you know vicky and the girl catch me outside don't like each other.
britnis10 23 godzin temu
She wasted the sauce! Do a mukbang wit me!!!! Lol
Keegan Keegan
Keegan Keegan 23 godzin temu
H3H3 was right.
Rubin Saffy
Rubin Saffy 23 godzin temu
MERCY Gaming
MERCY Gaming 23 godzin temu
Nobody even fully supports her. They only follow her to see how ignorant she looks. People are becoming rich from being fucking stupid. This is what the world is coming to.. she can’t even speak properly.. 😐
Supreme Xavier
Supreme Xavier 23 godzin temu
im confused on why all this folks in yo business. you can have ANYBODY and EVERYBODY on your channel as you please. its yours so you do what you want with it. Great video 🤩, keep it up B
I Am Unknown4Now
I Am Unknown4Now 23 godzin temu
I am flabbergasted
bonified queen
bonified queen 23 godzin temu
N she can't even close her mouth
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger 23 godzin temu
Couple of dumb Jew cunts
Yana And Momo
Yana And Momo 23 godzin temu
-this is trending 🤞🏽🤞🏽
jslost 23 godzin temu
Is Vicki trying to morph into one of those Japanese anime? (I don’t know her and I’m serious.) Ok I thought b was hard to understand sometimes, but this baby is unintelligible. I’m outta here.
Keisha Christian
Keisha Christian 23 godzin temu
What made you collab with her?She wasting lobster and she don't even know how to crack open and eat crab legs. .smh
Vanessa Cordova
Vanessa Cordova 23 godzin temu
Why is Vicky talking like she's black I can't stand people who acts like other people
Cleo trying Filipino food .. Mukbang aswell
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