Saturday Night Live Season 44 90-Second Rewind

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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Miesiąc temu

Miss something? Watch a recap of SNL's Season 44, featuring some each episode's most buzz-worthy moments and every host, from Adam Driver to Paul Rudd and Kit Harington in between.
Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open -
‘80s Party -
Career Day -
Weekend Update: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Brett Kavanaugh -
Awkwafina Monologue -
Late Night Battle -
Kanye West Donald Trump Cold Open -
Weekend Update: Really!?! with Seth Meyers, Colin Jost and Michael Che -
Weekend Update: Goop Staffer Baskin Johns -
Jonah Hill Five-Timers Monologue -
Benihana -
HuckaPM -
Meet the Parents Cold Open -
Paranormal Occurrence -
Brothers -
Space Station Broadcast -
GP Yass -
Michael Cohen Wiretap Cold Open -
Jason Momoa Mo-Monologue -
Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo -
Weekend Update: Michael Che on Bidets -
Matt Damon Monologue -
Weezer -
Weekend Update: Angel Reacts to Good Holiday News -
Weekend Update: Pete Davidson and John Mulaney Review Clint Eastwood’s The Mule -
Weekend Update: Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Running for President -
The Raunchiest Miss Rita -
Weekend Update: Melissa Villaseñor's Grammy Awards Picks -
Air Traffic Control -
Women of Congress -
Valentine’s Song -
Bar Fight -
Extreme Baking Championship -
Michael Cohen Hearing Cold Open -
John Mulaney Stand-Up Monologue -
Cha Cha Slide -
Bodega Bathroom -
Weekend Update: Smokery Farms -
The Impossible Hulk -
R. Kelly Interview Cold Open -
Future Self -
Weekend Update: Jeanine Pirro -
Bachelorette Party -
New HBO Shows -
Dorm Room Posters -
Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns -
Emma Thompson Monologue -
Weekend Update: Pete Davidson On Living With His Mom -
Don’t Stop Me Now Cold Open -
Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Alabama’s Abortion Ban -
Louise’s Birthday -
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_Expo_ Godzinę temu
Wait. Are they over?!?
Griffin Johnson
Griffin Johnson 2 godzin temu
i literally only watch snl for pete davison
Kata Kelemen
Kata Kelemen 3 dni temu
When there is no snl in your country :((
Cymric 5 dni temu
hair and makeup is so good on snl
Brenyatta 7 dni temu
Another wonderful season of SNL has come and gone!
American G.D.A.
American G.D.A. 7 dni temu
SNL, If I wanted to see RERUNS, I'd watch "what's happenin!" That's all you've had on here! Shit, I'm done with you! You can't even have a "real live SNL" anymore? *****F.U.*****!
cancer comment
cancer comment 8 dni temu
he's not funny
Rapsha100 8 dni temu
SNL is trash and everyone knows it!
Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club
Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club 9 dni temu
As I kurt Brown saintrambone the auditor of bank examiners witnessed the unstoppable force. Not Satan. Sock strategy warfare. I survived by electrically insulating myself. I was knocked unconscious by a fake boss when he knew I recalled the guard screaming at commandos entering. Crazy mother f-ers. I put hands and feet on wood cane sitting and noticed I was conscious while most others were passing out and an assassin had his hands up and my fake boss had a switch in his chair or the commandos turned power on upon entry. The question becomes is it better to take a medical marijuana toke before sitting in the hot seat the fdic ceo proxy chair November 12 1999. ? I was told the day before I would be shot that day. I was told we were to he robbed many Times. I busted a sheriff in Alabama later on separate charges to toy with the criminals who are criminally insane. 4 3 2001. I was shot between the eyes with legal complications in this third world melee of California federal and Alabama state violence and mayhem and a 18 year coma. You saw my paternal brother kurt Cobain on the snl show. I want on with Daniel Johnston hi how are you and a young female musician or peaches . Kurt brown saintrambone Mobile Audit Club
Alexa Did It
Alexa Did It 18 dni temu
That tall child at 0:37 looks like he needs some rest
no pe
no pe 23 dni temu
Hope they get Maya Rudolph back to play Kamala Harris, their voices
AshtroBoy 27 dni temu Please Listen and #Share The Real AshtroBoy of #HoustonTexas
AshtroBoy 27 dni temu
AshtroBoy 27 dni temu
John Woody
John Woody 28 dni temu
Tamia v log
Tamia v log 28 dni temu
00.1 is very funny
dietotaku Miesiąc temu
kept waiting for that one-second shot of BTS... :(
Alexander Gilson
Alexander Gilson Miesiąc temu
An Awesome SEason!
Michael Garner
Michael Garner Miesiąc temu
AIN'T NO POWER ?!!! Where's Mr. Subliminal when you need him?
J.P. Pelzman
J.P. Pelzman Miesiąc temu
Not the worst season ever, but the most boring and safest one. Might as well be honest and call it the Kate and Kenan show, while the likes of Nwodim, Villasenor and Redd rotted on the bench.
Pigeon_man Miesiąc temu
okay okay just hear me out on this; its rewind time
Jacob Burnz
Jacob Burnz Miesiąc temu
I was baited hard by the thumbnail does anyone know what sketch it is 😂
Hana Amdeta
Hana Amdeta Miesiąc temu
Louise's Birthday
Cherry TV
Cherry TV Miesiąc temu
This only makes me wanna fast forward reality to season 5
undone bunion
undone bunion Miesiąc temu
Imagine thinking this cringe fest is funny. I'd rather watch Anna Gatsby read The SCUM manifesto.
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds Miesiąc temu
i missd alot of these this was a good season imo
Bill A.
Bill A. Miesiąc temu
showcasing every sleazy jew/homosexual/deviant/sociopath/miscreant and mental defective know to mankind.
Simon Reynoso
Simon Reynoso Miesiąc temu
Time to end SNL....LONG SERIES HAS TO END...
UntrainedEye Miesiąc temu
Hire Ed Bassmaster. He's honestly better than most of the cast. No shade just facts.
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds Miesiąc temu
hush, child
kika I
kika I Miesiąc temu
Hyde. em
Hyde. em Miesiąc temu
This made my day
Dave Miesiąc temu
Big Tits
Artemij Kalinin
Artemij Kalinin Miesiąc temu number of episode?
ShowDonkeys Miesiąc temu
Go away awkwafina
markmh835 Miesiąc temu
Oooooooo, ouch! 😒
Breckin Uwins
Breckin Uwins Miesiąc temu
This was the first season I watched
M Y Miesiąc temu
Rakiah Beckley
Rakiah Beckley Miesiąc temu
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Bawk Bawk
Bawk Bawk Miesiąc temu
Ronique Breaux Jordan
Ronique Breaux Jordan Miesiąc temu
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris Miesiąc temu
they need to have the trailer park boys host snl
uncool22 Miesiąc temu
Tyler Harris I never thought of that it would be awesome👏
Sunset Livingston
Sunset Livingston Miesiąc temu
Rudolph's big night....well, well, well. I still laugh thinking about it.
magictoast15 Miesiąc temu
They included John Mulaney doing the single ladies dance so I'm content.
Horatio Hamilton
Horatio Hamilton Miesiąc temu
WAIT, MICHEAL FROM THE OFFICE DOES SNL??? *pulls out phone and types so fast it sets on fire*
Dustin Sudbrink
Dustin Sudbrink Miesiąc temu
This all just the same shit from last year with a differnt coat of paint. Please do something different. There is also an old saying that says "you can't please everyone". Just stop trying to please everyone , do some research, go out there , hell even whatch some old ones from the 90's and 2000's those are haloreious and don't be afriad to tell that joke you might regret it later on. Just don't make it too racsit. and one last reqeust that if you are going to add a meme please don't use a dead meme(exp trump singing all-star.) The main reson I am pissed is with the stupid socal relatable comedy bullshit and the political stuff. Save the news stuff for the news guys at snl. Watch some other show's other than your own. p.s what were you guys thinking with the "hobbies song" skit that made me want to tear my eye sockets out and then drill my ear's
Orange Xylem
Orange Xylem Miesiąc temu
What was the name of the sketch at 0:27? ...where Kate says "oh, bitch!"
jeb’s films
jeb’s films Miesiąc temu
come back already !! i miss you guys :(
Andi amo
Andi amo Miesiąc temu
SNL stopped making money years ago so they just decided to sell out to the deep state
Andi amo
Andi amo Miesiąc temu
I feel bad that liberals have to pretend like this shit is even remotely funny.... :(
Blasian warrior
Blasian warrior Miesiąc temu
What a season....Can’t wait for season 45
no Name
no Name Miesiąc temu
Will snl ever end
markmh835 Miesiąc temu
Hopefully never. Humor is eternal.
Staci Reinhard
Staci Reinhard Miesiąc temu
HuckaPM was by far my favorite sketch this season, can I have a part 2? The Aidy B/Cardi B sketch was brilliant too. All hail Aidy Bryant!
Patty Brunnette
Patty Brunnette Miesiąc temu
please more
Jackie Yoshi
Jackie Yoshi Miesiąc temu
That Adam Driver skit kills me every time!
or 94 seconds. semantics
Victor Higgins
Victor Higgins Miesiąc temu
Every single Host this season 1. Adam Driver 2. Awkwafina 3. Seth Meyers 4. Jonah Hill 5. Liev Schreiber 6. Steve Carell 7. Claire Foy 8. Jason Momoa 9. Matt Damon 10. Rachel Brosnahan 11. James McAvoy 12. Halsey 13. Don Cheadle 14. John Mulaney 15. Idris Elba 16. Sandra Oh 17. Kit Harington 18. Emma Stone 19. Adam Sandler 20. Emma Thompson 21. Paul Rudd
Fran Sherrie
Fran Sherrie Miesiąc temu
OMG I love Paranormal Occurance
Haleem Oyeyemi
Haleem Oyeyemi Miesiąc temu
Wasn't a bad season at all..
ThatWalmartKid Miesiąc temu
Is it over? 😣
Ķäťīĕ Miesiąc temu
I'm writing this before I watched it but it's better than youtube rewind
Albino Rhino
Albino Rhino Miesiąc temu
Making fun of everybody?!?! How dare this channel be as offensive as Crowder
OmegaTra - Roblox
OmegaTra - Roblox Miesiąc temu
John Mulaney is the best guest host ever. Diner Lobster, Bathroom Bodega and the skit they show at 0:57 are my favorites of the year and they are all because of John Mulaney. The big question is, who is gonna play Trump from now on since Baldwin is out? I also have a request for Dana Carvey to come back next season as the guest star. And "music" guests like DJ. Khaled who can't sing or play music or do much of anything on his own except to interrupt good singers. Thanx!!
Sam Curren
Sam Curren Miesiąc temu
Love Matt Damon
Poo Ninja
Poo Ninja Miesiąc temu
Kiss? HAha
Mark Youneva
Mark Youneva Miesiąc temu
Can't we just have two sets of cast and have two seasons of SNL per year -- like a Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer season? TV viewing habits between weather seasons aren't that different for most Americans, an people also take fewer or shorter vacations in the summer months. Plus, how the actual fck are we supposed to be entertained and also get our news? We're certainly not going to watch CNN or FoxNews.
JP M Miesiąc temu
I want Matt Damon to host more often. 🤩🤩🤩
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp Miesiąc temu
And to bag on Jimmy Kimmel in the monologue (or even a sketch)... lol...
Holden Hathcock
Holden Hathcock Miesiąc temu
Diner Lobster is my all-time favorite because *love* Les Mis!!!
greatboniwanker Miesiąc temu
Y'all are *KILLING IT*
Dwight You Ignorant Slut
Dwight You Ignorant Slut Miesiąc temu
PLEASE do more bloopers and dress rehearsal stufffffff pleasssseeee
doggfacejr Miesiąc temu
How bout Kate as Bok-Bok the creepy chicken mascot
D E Miesiąc temu
The talking cake and the musical.
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