Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Ubisoft North America

Ubisoft North America

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Just revealed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine is a brand-new 3-player tactical co-op FPS and will be available in 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.
Sign up for updates and a chance to play early: www.rainbow6quarantine.com
#RainbowSixQuarantine #E32019
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Developed by a new dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine is set several years in the future of the Rainbow Six Universe. The Rainbow Operators will face off against a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite infecting human hosts and their surroundings. Set in 3-player coop PVE, players can prepare to launch into tense, chaotic and totally unpredictable missions as they will risk everything with their squad, every time they step into quarantine. Available 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.
Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Lord TACHANKA 2 minut temu
New game or game mode ?
Franklin_Clinton08 58 minut temu
Vigil And Ela Saved Who Ever that person is
Eᴛʜᴀɴ 3 godzin temu
*Uses drone and there are pings everywhere* Lion: *Chuckles nervously*
Uncle Lester
Uncle Lester 7 godzin temu
I can’t wait for the cutscenes
hijackedbroom -
hijackedbroom - 8 godzin temu
Reminds me of GTFO
Bug Batts
Bug Batts 14 godzin temu
Ela and Vigil are gonna be in it? Or is it all of the operators?
Nuke220 21 godzinę temu
ok then
umaru chan
umaru chan Dzień temu
HELL YES OUTBREAK OR ATLEAST A VERSION OF IT IS BACK! even if its an entirely new game ):
TRE FUSION Dzień temu
Age-restricted gang
Simplex Cub
Simplex Cub 2 dni temu
Bruh Outbreak 2.0
Armando Ortiz
Armando Ortiz 2 dni temu
So...basically outbreak 2
Dan Blues
Dan Blues 2 dni temu
I loved outbreak back in chimera glad they’re keeping this stuff up
Michał Stolarski
Michał Stolarski 2 dni temu
REC5 trailer xD
ember_ lynn
ember_ lynn 2 dni temu
Jeez I hope Ela is hitting those shots with the recoil on that gun.
Uma vida no espaço
Uma vida no espaço 3 dni temu
Espero que tenha coop local :D
Real Thanos
Real Thanos 3 dni temu
*jackal use ability* *Also jackal : WTF*
Anh HOANG 3 dni temu
wait, if this is like a separate game, maybe GUbisoft will take this chance to rework Tachanka, is this why the game will be out in 2020? hmmmm
Станислав Шкроб
Станислав Шкроб 3 dni temu
Outbreak 2.0?
Gaymerqueen801 GQ801
Gaymerqueen801 GQ801 4 dni temu
Tom Clancy meets Michael Crichton..... I'm in
SaltyJuns DoesAnimation
SaltyJuns DoesAnimation 4 dni temu
Local Dealer
Local Dealer 4 dni temu
inquisidor 320 xDDD
inquisidor 320 xDDD 4 dni temu
I want the outbreak theme in the game
Zombie Gaming
Zombie Gaming 5 dni temu
I have three theories, either more of the Outbreak Virus, a weird Techno Virus due to the image of Lion, Ela and Vigil or Shadow Beings Which is why he aims at shadows on the wall. I mean a techno virus would make sense of Vigil being there but I’m hoping it’s outbreak.
oof PoweR
oof PoweR 5 dni temu
this is coming with six siege right if not imma be pissed
The CrazyPug
The CrazyPug 5 dni temu
No its a full new game
David Kim
David Kim 5 dni temu
Iz DAt eLA boSAk?
not NToob
not NToob 6 dni temu
will this be like the out break event in siege?
MrListenPlease 8 dni temu
Can we make this game split screen
ðαη 8 dni temu
So... Rainbow with zombies? Cool.
Klaun G
Klaun G 9 dni temu
zombie zombie !!!
Curious Hawk
Curious Hawk 9 dni temu
This one better end with thermite dropping a nuclear bomb.
keylock 10 dni temu
So it's a new game? Or a new dlc? (I would love if it's a update (dlc))
Rolyt 8 dni temu
Entirely new game
DansGamers 01
DansGamers 01 10 dni temu
Everyday They Stop Terosristm From making A Trouble and Viruses.. BUT HOW THE HECK THE TERORIST MADE THAT ZOMBIE VIRUS THING
goldimari 11 dni temu
R6 player: can we get a proper campaign for my tactical shooter? Ubisoft: fight zombies with 2 other guys R6 player: looks at copy of Raven Shield(2003) * It has been 16 damn years!!! Ubisoft: we got Ela body pillows to sell
O-5 Administrator [REDACTED]
O-5 Administrator [REDACTED] 11 dni temu
If Thermite was part of the rescue operation, the entire place would have been nuked.
XxLoneWolf21 11 dni temu
Rainbow Six meets Doom?
Christian Calso
Christian Calso 11 dni temu
As excited as I am for a new R6, why is it zombies again? What ever happened to counter terrorism?
swagvevo 11 dni temu
Looks like we finally got Left 4 Dead 3
Utkan Yasin Kılıç
Utkan Yasin Kılıç 12 dni temu
What about nuking the town?
Michelangelo Draconis
Michelangelo Draconis 12 dni temu
VR ?
InCogNitro 12 dni temu
The virus could be a mutation of the Chimera virus, due to the subject's arm beginning to mutate rather rapidly and how it appears similar(?) to the Chimera virus. Jut a guess though.
VLK trickyy
VLK trickyy 12 dni temu
vigil and ela?
echo_the_thicc_boi 14 dni temu
Yokai could have gotten him out
Agpiplup 15 dni temu
Instead of Zombies i see Alien
SPiT_cherfin 15 dni temu
There better be a Cut scene where Ela has a mental break down and fights Zofia
Jake Yatta
Jake Yatta 15 dni temu
Tom Clancy is rolling over in his grave...
CLUTCH_D3RP1TY 15 dni temu
Defenders rushing as attackers *insert kazoo kid wait a minute*
Dark Fighters
Dark Fighters 15 dni temu
Never got higher thab plat 2 im 2 wins away from plat 1 somebody wanna help me? Add me then ReQz_DrGn on Ps4
jazz322alllwaysswing 16 dni temu
SubaruImpreza 17 dni temu
just please have jager flying the helicopters again
Roger949494 17 dni temu
I hope this "MOD" will be free for six players
Amon 17 dni temu
i want this game.
TheHydraGamer Z
TheHydraGamer Z 17 dni temu
Harmonious Glooch
Harmonious Glooch 18 dni temu
legit thought this was a R6S expansion for a few weeks until i realized its a whole different game
Brooks Brazz
Brooks Brazz 18 dni temu
Cooomeee onnn it only takes a tachanka to complete what ela and vigil just did
Judi Mahmo
Judi Mahmo 18 dni temu
Do you need to pay for this? (I already have the game btw)
Horfenico 18 dni temu
This is majorly disappointing... They could make a really awesome single player campaign that is akin to the original Rainbow Six games with the foundation they've built..... And they choose to make a zombie game instead... :\ Pass....
fran :0
fran :0 18 dni temu
is it going to be free?
Aaron ExDee
Aaron ExDee 18 dni temu
Will we ever see another real rainbow six game?
Alexander Perry
Alexander Perry 19 dni temu
rlly hope its not like outbreak
Aidan Howells
Aidan Howells 19 dni temu
This is just ela and vigil roaming on house, i dont see anything weird about it
The CrazyPug
The CrazyPug 19 dni temu
1:23 hey read the bottom description in white. It says: Rainbow Six The Soldier Icon WTF does that mean
The CrazyPug
The CrazyPug 18 dni temu
@Ege Okur oh I thought it was about something else
Ege Okur
Ege Okur 18 dni temu
Its talking about Tom Clansy symbol
The CrazyPug
The CrazyPug 19 dni temu
Rare footage of R6 players fighting 9 year olds.
Fancyslimshady 19 dni temu
Is this replacing siege or separate?
Ghost Viking
Ghost Viking 10 dni temu
@ELiTE GAMiNG not new, just copy pasted
ELiTE GAMiNG 19 dni temu
Fancyslimshady they still gonna update seige this is just a brand new Rainbow Six game
•_• AGamer
•_• AGamer 19 dni temu
This is set in the future isn’t it?
O c t o H e n
O c t o H e n 19 dni temu
Aids turned to the worst
Bomb Taco
Bomb Taco 19 dni temu
I feel like the person that is down is thermite from their clothing, voice and sidearm
Wolfie The Wolf
Wolfie The Wolf 20 dni temu
Idc if the game is boring or bad just as long I could play Montagne in this I'll be happy.
Gabriel Palummieri
Gabriel Palummieri 20 dni temu
how to make this a pristine trailer: "LMG, MOUNTED AND LOADED!" *PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW*
Captain Beckett
Captain Beckett 20 dni temu
*Zombie* : Spawns *Diamond lvl 250 Tachanka main* : LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED!!
Rainbow Six Quarantine: First Gameplay Details | Ubisoft [NA]
Ubisoft North America
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