OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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Deepak Yaduvanshi
Deepak Yaduvanshi 5 godzin temu
Can i get the link for the wallpaper used in thumbnail please😀
SABA AAMIR 5 godzin temu
Why is no blogger reviewing the op7pro camera after 9.5.7 update
Johnny Murillo
Johnny Murillo 9 godzin temu
Question about the Automatic Switch resolution feature. What if a video is capable of 1440p resolution, will the device play it at Quad-HD or Full-HD? And how do I know if the apps are running at QHD+ or FHD+? I just want everything on the screen to look it's absolute best & sharpest. But then I also want to have the battery last longer, because even though it's battery is larger. The OnePlus 6T had way better battery life.
Samson Raj
Samson Raj 14 godzin temu
One plus 7 : yo bro, we need a review! Requesting one from India!!! :(
TheSonicrobbe 14 godzin temu
Am i the only one who's actually impressed that oneplus released android 9 for the oneplus 3 a few days ago? Like I still have that phone and it's relatively old
Samson Raj
Samson Raj 14 godzin temu
Please do a review on the one plus 7
PurpleRupees 17 godzin temu
So compared to the S10+ base model I can get more storage, 90hz screen, no cutout, bigger screen, a simple yet customizable version of Android, AND save money?
REVANTH REDDY 17 godzin temu
Who else watching this video on 1+ 7 pro
Shouei Tempest
Shouei Tempest 18 godzin temu
If the phone had a headphone jack I would almost 100% buy it but the price is a bit too much for me anyway Edit: I like bezels and prefer them so I can watch a video and have my fingers not accidentally touch the screen and mess it up
Josh Schwartz
Josh Schwartz Dzień temu
What's that background on your. 7pro
Aidan Papa
Aidan Papa Dzień temu
Lol with the 9.5.7 update it just as as good as s10+ Huawei p30 pro and even the shit boring ass new iPhone lol
Paolo Tamesis
Paolo Tamesis Dzień temu
I hope I can get that for free
Ratan dulal Nath
Ratan dulal Nath Dzień temu
please make a video on One plus 7 non pro version
krishna desai
krishna desai Dzień temu
Please review one plus 7
Sean McClelland
Sean McClelland Dzień temu
I'll definitely be getting it, as an upgrade to my S9 Plus
Balta Bueno
Balta Bueno Dzień temu
I'd get a Thanos purple if I could lmao Great in depth review btw :D
Jabid Raiyan
Jabid Raiyan Dzień temu
Does the bullets v2 wireless contains Bisphenol-A(BPA) ? I got warning while bordering it to Canada from states!
Raj Sharma
Raj Sharma 2 dni temu
This probably is a stupid question. Is it legal to use Gcam on non pixel phones? Doesn't Google have any mechanisms to protect its IP considering they are the best in business as far as camera quality goes. What risks (mostly legal) does one run if one were to install Gcam on OnePlus? I ask this question because since people are already porting Gcam to other devices, why doesn't Google themselves provide it. That would be so much simpler.
Nag Shankar
Nag Shankar 2 dni temu
Hi MKBHD, Please review the retail units, not the review units. OP 7 Pro has got lots of issues, phantom touch, low picture quality, fingerprint reader burning screen and many more. We, users, watch your videos and get inspired to buy and later end up disappointed with the issues with no guarantee it'll be fixed. We do not want a phone having issues initially and hoping it'll be fixed later. Please request for retail units rather than review units so we get to know any issues. This is totally unfair, camera samples nowhere matches to what reviewers say on PLwomen. Not fair by OnePlus sending different unit for reviewers and users. This makes lose trust on reviewers as well.
Golden 47
Golden 47 2 dni temu
Video sponsored by OnePlus
Golden 47
Golden 47 2 dni temu
This phone starts at $999 in Canada and of course don't forget the taxes
Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh 20 godzin temu
Thats how currency works lol.btw how much the 12gig ram version cost with taxes?i was considering shipping it from canada from one of my friends.
Bryan Dickson
Bryan Dickson 2 dni temu
Starting price is low, but for the fully specc'd version you reviewed, the price is significantly higher...
PurpleRupees 17 godzin temu
Significantly? Top specc version is $90 more. Most people should get the $699 8/256 version. 256GB of high speed local storage at that price is insane.
shantanu pai
shantanu pai 2 dni temu
Hey Marques, could you please do a 'One plus 7' against 'One plus 7 pro' review for us? It would really help solve a lot of doubts we have.
Adam Macias
Adam Macias 3 dni temu
Does the fingerprint scanner have the issues the 6T did, being to bright at night for example? Also, I'm wondering if you can opt to not have any animation applied. Doesn't seem necessary.
Antti Heinonen
Antti Heinonen 3 dni temu
is the ram enough to run chrome tough?
Rahul Gala
Rahul Gala 3 dni temu
Xperia 1
Glen Navarro Moscoso
Glen Navarro Moscoso 3 dni temu
hello bro I greet you from Peru and I had a question for you, between the oneplus 7 pro and the galaxy s10 plus the phone to buy your personal use and why?
misaac b
misaac b 2 dni temu
I was thinking the same bro, if you want Quality-price and a clean software i recommend you OP but the Samsung S10 is a Titan with SD855.
יוסופוב אליהו
יוסופוב אליהו 3 dni temu
Someone can tell me where i can find this them(in his one plus)?!please
Skull A
Skull A 3 dni temu
Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 3 dni temu
Y is this a fucking ad inserted in my search for a MacBook pro review...
Tian Xia
Tian Xia 3 dni temu
Why not nameing it OnePlus 7 Plus 😀
J T Dzień temu
Tian Xia they are not retarded like apple
Thomas P
Thomas P 3 dni temu
Why are you paying to promote this video? How do you get paid if you dont get ad revenue? Im so confused.
Trevor C
Trevor C 3 dni temu
Lmao. 'Its not quite as good as the iphone.... but no one is.' Most hilarious joke I've heard all day.
xproofx 3 dni temu
Specifically the haptic feedback; I don't think he meant as a phone overall.
Mohammad Amin Valizadeh
Mohammad Amin Valizadeh 4 dni temu
but ROG phone is also amoled and 90hz. but 1080p
Andrei Reginatto
Andrei Reginatto Dzień temu
Yeah, everyone is making some mistakes while talking about the oneplus 7 pro. Actually, the truth is that, this is the first 1440p oled non gaming phone with 90 hz refresh rate
Djimenez 4 dni temu
K Hagemann
K Hagemann 4 dni temu
Did u get a one plus ad like if u agree👇👍
Cars and more
Cars and more 4 dni temu
My aunt just bought it and it's arriving today m very excited
Reanetse Moleleki
Reanetse Moleleki 4 dni temu
Damn. It looks big in his hands.
ydparveen 5 dni temu
curve display sucks
OmarLivesUnderSpace 5 dni temu
Please, give me a hint, what does "SILLY fast" means?
Tofu 3 dni temu
It's so fast it makes you feel silly yourself... lol
jefreydr 4 dni temu
it means, OnePlus 7 Pro
Idris 5 dni temu
I dont know if I’ve said this before but 500-700 is where the flagship phones prices should be. Its crazy Apple that drove up those prices through the roof then ofcourse Sammy followed suit. If it wasn’t obvious what Apple is doing just look at their latest conference where they priced monitor ‘stand’ for $999 😆
Tumen Odnuud
Tumen Odnuud 5 dni temu
Its 30% cheaper than any flagship? Wow
elias aguiar
elias aguiar 5 dni temu
How do you get the first number on the lock screen clock red?
Ankush Rana
Ankush Rana 6 dni temu
make a video on oppo reno 10 x zoom plzz
Rakesh Rocky
Rakesh Rocky 6 dni temu
dude u have to do a revisit video after camera updates oneplus 7pro got so far🤔
Mayank Saxena
Mayank Saxena 6 dni temu
Why are you not releasing one plus 7 review !!
Tankado 6 dni temu
All these reviewers always praising cheap china phones makes me giggle. We all know that in secret most of them are using iPhones in private as their productive devices. But just tell the people what they want to hear, I guess.
largon 03
largon 03 6 dni temu
please do an update after the 9.5.7 update..
mike mirth
mike mirth 6 dni temu
im glad that the camera isn't staring at you
500 Subs With No Videos?
500 Subs With No Videos? 6 dni temu
yo, should i get a nebula blue variant, or should i wait for the almond color? i want almond color so bad but at the same time i cant wait to get the phone lmao
Robbert Lamberts
Robbert Lamberts 6 dni temu
Illuminati sign in the background... wtf
James j
James j 7 dni temu
such a nice screen...too bad its not on a better phone
Rudro joy
Rudro joy 7 dni temu
brothers i'm your big fan.. I'm to poor to buy one plus 7pro.. But this is my dream phone.. Love you form Bangladesh
Mitesh Sharma
Mitesh Sharma 7 dni temu
Can you please give the wallpaper link as the one you have given doesn't allow to download the image in good quality.
CharlieWorld CcT
CharlieWorld CcT 7 dni temu
Can someone Please give me the wallpaper!!! Please!!
Mobile83 7 dni temu
Le fond d'écran est trop pixelisé. Pourquoi envoyer vers un lien imgr alors que la qualité est complètement pourrie
Vedprakash Singh
Vedprakash Singh 7 dni temu
Hi marques.. it would be great if you review oppo reno 10x zoom and let me know your thoughts about this device.. i die hard follower of your channel.. so your opinion matters 🙃
Monoque Din
Monoque Din 7 dni temu
Nice wallpaper.. where u get that wallpaper?
Mateusz Es
Mateusz Es 7 dni temu
Mkbhd when redmi K20 pro review?
Rama Gaming
Rama Gaming 7 dni temu
Can you review Sony Xperia 1?
Bob 7 dni temu
The Asus Rog was an OLED 90Hz screen
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 7 dni temu
Nathan Peñalosa
Nathan Peñalosa 7 dni temu
No Fnatic Mode and Digital Well being on T-Mobile Variants. It broke my heart. Fnatic fan here. Still, the phone is so enjoyable to use.
Joel Jeong
Joel Jeong 7 dni temu
I'm getting this phone
Joel Jeong
Joel Jeong 7 dni temu
@vivahernando1 anyway why u comment like that, who are u, a bean?, ur proably just jealous that u cant get good devices, (misery loves company)
Joel Jeong
Joel Jeong 7 dni temu
@vivahernando1 nice shoe
vivahernando1 7 dni temu
Joel Jeong nah ... you won’t
Tech: Down to Earth
Tech: Down to Earth 8 dni temu
Please keep using the probe lens! That intro was amazing.
DigiTron 8 dni temu
@Marques, your reviews are AWESOME. Hoping to see your OnePlus 7 review soon, so that I can buy it.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma 8 dni temu
Finally he bought a new adidas hoodie! 😂🖤
Zes Jerome
Zes Jerome 8 dni temu
no such thing as sillx or not
Jktje K
Jktje K 8 dni temu
I love the content of MKBHD. Just became a member :)
PsychedelicSunrise 8 dni temu
Switched from the XS MAX, to this, I am never going back to apple
burningSloth 3 godzin temu
Lucifer Morning Star I’m not mad at all. I’m just stating that you’re wrong, having had lifelong experience in the subject. If that makes you think another person is mad, so be it, because you didn’t really sound mature from the first minute of this conversation anyway. Peace.
Lucifer Morning Star
Lucifer Morning Star 4 godzin temu
😂 🤣 😂 you are big mad
LTZ 863
LTZ 863 4 godzin temu
@Lucifer Morning Star Bitch shut the fuck up! Go sit your stupid ass down somewhere!
burningSloth 8 godzin temu
@Lucifer Morning Star Also: big deal that you got laid. Everyone can get laid, it's what you're getting laid to that makes the difference. I have had people boost about getting laid and they had only humped obese and (quite objectively) ugly women. So yeah.
burningSloth 8 godzin temu
@Lucifer Morning Star Great for you, I have met few people in my life who have had iPhones in Europe (again: except the England) we are mostly Android fans here 'cause it is smarter. I have also been to the UK , Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Malta, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, and Belgium. I have friends all over Europe. Some of my friends are half Russians, I have another one who's half Danish, some who are half Italians, have a lot of English friends, some from Germany and other friends who study in different European countries, so I have a pretty good idea.
D'Andre Manigo
D'Andre Manigo 8 dni temu
Apple users will say they had everything this phone has first.
sachin s
sachin s 8 dni temu
Can you please do a camera review on oneplus 7 pro with 9.5.7 ota update vs pixel 3xl
Arun Gupta
Arun Gupta 9 dni temu
Where'd you buy the magnet paper?
Joe Sean A G
Joe Sean A G 8 dni temu
I think he put it in the description of his iPad pro review, maybe
srikruth reddy
srikruth reddy 9 dni temu
Review oneplus 7
Nick Psil
Nick Psil 9 dni temu
I really want this wallpaper though ! Does someone have it?
Joe Sean A G
Joe Sean A G 8 dni temu
Let me teach you something, always look at the description before you Comment.
Joe Sean A G
Joe Sean A G 8 dni temu
It's LITERALLY the first thing in his description
Taliban King
Taliban King 9 dni temu
Pluck that unibrow
Rishikesh Kumaran
Rishikesh Kumaran 9 dni temu
Hi Marques, was waiting for the OnePlus 7 review from your end! R u gona do it
Ralph Køster
Ralph Køster 10 dni temu
Will you make a review of the one+7 5g when it is released ?
Indrajit Seal
Indrajit Seal 10 dni temu
Namaste from India. It will be great to hear from you about Xiaomi Redmi K20 pro
Aboody Fandba
Aboody Fandba 10 dni temu
Does there any different between 12gb ram and 8gb ram ???
SiGGiB 10 dni temu
Now do the oneplus bullets wireless 2 please!
Dj Hogg
Dj Hogg 10 dni temu
I USED THIS PHONE FOR 4 DAYS THEN IT DIED! Perhaps mine was a bad phone...but this one just was a dud. The phone from the start had issues, it hated Android Auto, would not allow call forwarding, lots of apps would crash. And then it just died no screen power at all. Then you have to deal with OnePro and the refund process not a good time at all. Not impressed. The screen is impressive. Lots o ram. Which is no good if the phone dies. Like mine. I just want to get my money back. Done with one Pro. As they say---- Buyer Beware.
6EQUJ5 10 dni temu
How heavy is it?
Avi p
Avi p 10 dni temu
My one plus 3t is holding up perfectly but I'm really unhappy with the camera/video quality
Misa 9 dni temu
E1i8 10 dni temu
Hi Marques! Please review the regular OnePlus 7 too. I'm sure that you will find a way to get one, although it's not coming officially to the US.
Shubham Tibrewal
Shubham Tibrewal 10 dni temu
I want the wallpaper used in this video in hd. Pls tell me where can i get??
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 10 dni temu
How are the speakers on it? I have a razer for the reason of the dual facing speakers and always look for that in phones.
Juan Castro
Juan Castro 10 dni temu
"No one is better than the Iphone"? Lol S10+ and Huawei P30 Pro decimates the Iphone. There are phones that are above the over rated Iphone
Alexandre Niamien
Alexandre Niamien 10 dni temu
What phone are you using at the moment?
Haamid Ashraf
Haamid Ashraf 10 dni temu
Supercell clash royale
Haamid Ashraf
Haamid Ashraf 10 dni temu
Haamid Ashraf
Haamid Ashraf 10 dni temu
RIP oneplus 6t
ya00007 10 dni temu
If only is was Less than £500.
Rui Miguel Serrano
Rui Miguel Serrano 11 dni temu
Marques, one question, I ordered the OnePlus 7 (normal version), arrived today, however, by mistake I sent the 6Gb RAM version instead of 8Gb RAM, I am a medium user, social networks, calls, messages, notifications , a game or another simple and light, you think I will notice a lot of difference to the 8Gb version? I could return the 6Gb and send the 8Gb, but honestly, I do not want anything to be without Oneplus plus a few days and the 128Gb of internal memory come to me and are left ... thank you very much for your feedback;) Embrace
Domino 11 dni temu
Ordering it tomorrow and getting rid of my laggy S9+ I will never trust Samsung again with it's shitty laggy mess
anonabind infomatic
anonabind infomatic 11 dni temu
man i would switch over to android right away only if it had imessage and sending messages to iPhone wasn't like sending a messenger pigeon
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