It Takes 11 Years To Ride This Roller Coaster - Planet Coaster

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It Takes 11 Years To Ride This Roller Coaster - Planet Coaster
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ABOUT: Planet Coaster
Surprise, delight and thrill crowds as you build the theme park of your dreams. Build and design incredible coaster parks with unparalleled attention to detail and manage your park in a truly living world.

Piece-by-Piece Construction: Planet Coaster makes a designer out of everyone. Lay paths, build scenery, customize rides and make everything in your park unique with piece-by-piece construction and over a thousand unique building components.
Landscape Sculpting: Play with nature and reshape the land beneath your feet. Sculpt the landscape to raise mountains, form lakes, dig caverns and even build islands in the sky, then weave coasters through your park above ground and below.
Total Authenticity: Recreate your favorite rides or leave the real world at the door. However you love to play, the most realistic rides and most realistic reactions from your guests make Planet Coaster the most authentic simulation ever.

Simulation Evolved: The deepest park simulation in gaming history rewards your skills and makes management fun. Control every aspect of your guests’ experience and watch as Planet Coaster’s world reacts to your choices in an instant.
A Living World: Every park guest is an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores your park with their own interests and desires. Together Planet Coaster’s guests will tell you at a glance just how well your park is run.
Park Management: You’re the boss with accessible controls that make management fun. Test your skills in a campaign of creative scenarios, or just build for fun and tweak your parks to surprise, delight and thrill your guests.

Communal Creation: Planet Coaster links coaster fanatics and creators around the world with the Steam Workshop community hub. Trade scenery, rollercoasters and even entire parks with other players, and add the world’s wildest creations to your own park.
Be Inspired: Discover new content from the world’s best coaster park creators every day. Browse and download content from your favorite creators, or choose from the latest designs selected by the Planet Coaster dev team.
Share Your Creativity: Whether it’s a magnificent ice cream shop or the world’s most thrilling coaster, build it, name it and share it with the planet. Join a community of creators and see your designs appear in parks around the world.
End Card By Exandria:
Hello everybody, I'm Gray! I love doing let's plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive. I've got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well. Thanks for checking me out!
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GrayStillPlays Miesiąc temu
If anyone can think of a way to make it longer, let me know. I actually can't put anymore tracks down without the game crashing. The only things I can think of is putting the game on a solid state drive or maybe buying more graphics cards. I'm not even sure if this is a computer limitation or a game limitation.
I’m Fantom
I’m Fantom 5 dni temu
GrayStillPlays make the coaster slower
anonymous youtube lurker
anonymous youtube lurker 5 dni temu
get god's computer
serpent studios
serpent studios 6 dni temu
6:05 there are 12 months in a year ur dumb
Gh0st_YT 15 godzin temu
math class with Gray
Mya The Ink Demon
Mya The Ink Demon 18 godzin temu
**Ride breaks** Everyone: ThAnKgOd
Riflera Hunting
Riflera Hunting 18 godzin temu
11 YEARS LATER Kid who is now a teen: Mom, that was fun. Let’s ride it again.
BadgerBoeh 22 godzin temu
6:04 ”and theres 8 months in a year” *tHoNkInG*
Jordan Polis
Jordan Polis Dzień temu
he really said there was 8 months in a year
Reem Welday
Reem Welday Dzień temu
Deadass thought this was real
Scorpion Dzień temu
Did he say 8 months in a year
Fuzzykittens Aj
Fuzzykittens Aj Dzień temu
8 months in a year. My life is a lie.
Maisie Hoyle_0
Maisie Hoyle_0 Dzień temu
8 months in a year ?
E D I T S F O R L A G U H S Dzień temu
0:19 song name?
Victor Schlecker
Victor Schlecker Dzień temu
Fang TEWE Dzień temu
6:05 it's 12
L BrosGaming
L BrosGaming Dzień temu
Me: (sees bodies flying everywhere) Oh my Goodness!!!!! ( I start laughing so hard I almost throw up)
RomeGaming RomeGaming Team
RomeGaming RomeGaming Team 2 dni temu
Gavin Benware
Gavin Benware 2 dni temu
For the poll) in the bathroom wanking off.
Gauldy Gamez
Gauldy Gamez 3 dni temu
6:05 8 months in a year
Da Bozz
Da Bozz 3 dni temu
TNT Gaming
TNT Gaming 3 dni temu
Imagine breaking up on that rollercoaster
Hombres Ugliness
Hombres Ugliness 3 dni temu
Did he say 8 months ina year
Pheonix Hyper
Pheonix Hyper 3 dni temu
8 months in a year
shadow biscuit
shadow biscuit 3 dni temu
This nigga said there's 8 months in a year
NitrousController 3 dni temu
12 months in year btw
Francis Reid
Francis Reid 4 dni temu
And there’s 8 months in a year Bruh great knowledge Im sorry i didn’t mean that! 😄
cinta maria
cinta maria 4 dni temu
6:35 erm... 1 m/sec. is faster than literally running... I think you might’ve meant 1km/sec. or hour? I feel like I’m being whoooshed but I can’t help but correct it 😰
Ryan Bundy
Ryan Bundy 4 dni temu
there are 12 mounths in 1 year
Poison Rice
Poison Rice 4 dni temu
13:20 There’s 8 months in a year now, kids!
Virginia Gordon
Virginia Gordon Dzień temu
@Poison Rice Some people didn't
Poison Rice
Poison Rice 3 dni temu
wurmyyy you think I don’t know that
wurmyyy 3 dni temu
in game
Coolgirl283764 ——
Coolgirl283764 —— 5 dni temu
*Are we there yet?*
John Witworth
John Witworth 5 dni temu
“There’s 8 months in a year.........”
PJ McJamma
PJ McJamma 5 dni temu
Tbh, I'd love to work as a ride manager for that specific ride, just stand there and do *literally* nothing and get paid.
That Man
That Man 5 dni temu
Did he just say there are 8 months in a year
Andre Aguirre
Andre Aguirre 5 dni temu
At 8:21 was the moment my brother was shipped to Chicago to join the Navy Training and I won’t be able to see him nor hear him for 2 Months 😭 I’m gonna miss him he was sometimes tough on me but it was for the better...
Justin Welch
Justin Welch 5 dni temu
Imagine telling your wife honey I'm going away for 11 years to explore a place wothout you
Jacob boyd
Jacob boyd 5 dni temu
6:04 bish what
Elizabeth Sunday
Elizabeth Sunday 5 dni temu
4:45 I’m hungry. Can I eat that? I don’t care if I get diabetic from it. 😋😂
A VLOGS 6 dni temu
Emotional roller coasters be like
Kenneth Osborne
Kenneth Osborne 6 dni temu
You should do this same track design, but make it really fast
Shannon Burlynne
Shannon Burlynne 6 dni temu
Oh fun
BlueCassio 6 dni temu
Weird flex but ok.
Djnrn Hdjdirj
Djnrn Hdjdirj 6 dni temu
Who else is stoned
Speedy D
Speedy D 6 dni temu
The only game the only game the only game the only game the only game the only game the only game the only game
M4G1C M1CH3L4NG3L0 6 dni temu
“8 months in a year”
PointlessPickle2 7 dni temu
ride it now
im too fat
im too fat 7 dni temu
In the bathroom so I can make out with my girl privately
Keegan Mckenzie
Keegan Mckenzie 7 dni temu
Did he really say 8 months in a year
Booker D
Booker D 7 dni temu
*If you want to skip a test this is the best way*
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 8 dni temu
William Smith
William Smith 8 dni temu
There's 12 months in a year not 8
that_one_ Random_guy
that_one_ Random_guy 8 dni temu
Yes, diabetic shock... What a real thing that is
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 8 dni temu
This is snowpiercer lol
Troy Elliss
Troy Elliss 9 dni temu
( finishes roller coaster ) Lets do it again!
anonymous youtube lurker
anonymous youtube lurker 5 dni temu
no, its a little more like this: *bones rattling*
El amante de la Aviación
El amante de la Aviación 9 dni temu
0:21 song?
Razer EdgeYT
Razer EdgeYT 9 dni temu
This ride goes for 25 hours in a day 8 days a week 13 months in a year 367 days in a year
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 9 dni temu
In game time doesn’t count in my books. It’s a 17 hour coaster not 11 years
Amber Dale
Amber Dale 9 dni temu
Gray: 6:00 : There are 8 months in a year. Me: YOU FOOL... XD Gray go back to the time stamp Lololol
ItsFireFox 10 dni temu
this coaster is very popular by parents
bill bob
bill bob 10 dni temu
What’s the instrumental he uses ?
R ø x !
R ø x ! 10 dni temu
If it takes 11 years to ride it How come this video isn’t 11 years long? This is a joke.
Theis Thvilum
Theis Thvilum 10 dni temu
A slice of paper 😂
Caleb Webster
Caleb Webster 11 dni temu
12:18 "12 minutes in a month" GrayStillPlays 2019
Caleb Webster
Caleb Webster 10 dni temu
@Qian Emma I know he just did not say game month
Qian Emma
Qian Emma 10 dni temu
12 real minutes in a in game month
Elektronik 11 dni temu
and let all the *sludge and condoms* spill out
Captain mia
Captain mia 11 dni temu
Ayyy my names stella
Paramatt T
Paramatt T 11 dni temu
8 m o n t h s I n a y e a r.
Paramatt T
Paramatt T 10 dni temu
Oh, w o o p s I e
Qian Emma
Qian Emma 10 dni temu
Paramatt T in the game there is eight months
Joshua Skidmore
Joshua Skidmore 11 dni temu
My dad is having seconds. I can't wait to see him with the "jug of milk" :D
N2800W -November-
N2800W -November- 11 dni temu
Did he just say 8 months to a year... huh I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time
Qian Emma
Qian Emma 10 dni temu
N2800W -November- there is only 8 in game months
Bob From Oxiclean
Bob From Oxiclean 11 dni temu
How about 12 real life years?
Acylumgaming 11 dni temu
Build a coaster next to it with a synchronized station and make that just a track with a ton of block brakes. Then that coaster can only go every time the first coaster gos and it has to wait how ever many block sections there are.
Ambxbox Plus vlogs
Ambxbox Plus vlogs 12 dni temu
There are 12 months in a year gray
HypaRadarex Dude
HypaRadarex Dude 12 dni temu
“And there’s eight months in a year” -Gray. I think this was when he got his degree. Otherwise how could he be so smart and know this????
Trinity Frost
Trinity Frost 13 dni temu
4:10 What's the music here?
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