How Aladdin Changed Animation (by Screwing Over Robin Williams)

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Lindsay Ellis

Lindsay Ellis

Miesiąc temu

"After all, you've lied to everyone else, I was starting to feel left out."

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Kayla Daly
Kayla Daly Miesiąc temu
thank you Lindsay for confirming the true timeline. There is only Pre-Shrek and Post-Shrek
Alloy Cipher
Alloy Cipher 3 dni temu
The Pre-Shrekratics
dapperfan44 4 dni temu
@Compucles I disagree. The movies I was thinking of when I wrote that comment did not include Pixar's movies. I probably should have said "except Pixar, in my opinion animated movies don't really challenge you anymore like they used to when I was a kid, pre-Shrek."
Compucles 6 dni temu
@dapperfan44 Personally, I think those two movies are just as touching as "The Lion King" or "Bambi." Good drama isn't solely limited to the sudden death of a loved one (although, "Moana" also has that as well). Meanwhile, "Tangled" and "Frozen" are musicals on par with the ones Disney released in '89 and the early 90's, while "The Princess and the Frog" isn't that far behind. Anyway, you were the one who suggested what "modern animation is today," so of course you can't discount any modern animation studios when trying to make that argument.
dapperfan44 6 dni temu
@Compucles it just feels like something's missing when I watch movies like Zootopia and Moana. They don't have the same weight like when Simba loses his father. And why can I not discount them? I mean, I wasn't talking about them when I said that.
Compucles 7 dni temu
@dapperfan44 But I did include Pixar in my original argument. You can't just arbitrarily discount one studio that disproves your argument! Besides, Disney proper still discounts the argument against animated musicals no longer being popular.
Pillbo Baggins
Pillbo Baggins 2 godzin temu
What do you think about Emperor’s New Groove? Does it fit this kind of derivative formula in your opinion?
Miles Further
Miles Further 2 godzin temu
4 millions views!
Logan G
Logan G 5 godzin temu
zendaya is meechee
Candy Biller
Candy Biller 6 godzin temu
My favorite actors are 1 Mike Myer 2 Eddie Murphy 3 Ben Stiller 4 Chris rock 5 Jim Carrey 6 Will Smith 7 Tom Hanks 8 Tim Allen 9 David Johnson the rock 10 John Cena
Tommy Derp
Tommy Derp 5 godzin temu
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams 8 godzin temu
Jesus... how old are you to be so dismissive of all those brilliant actors? Bob Newhart was genius. You know nothing about comedy.
Derek Dacus
Derek Dacus 8 godzin temu
And did you just dismiss Angela effing Lansbury? Wtf
Derek Dacus
Derek Dacus 8 godzin temu
Phil Harris was a big star thank you very much
omega311888 9 godzin temu
DISNEY is nothing, if not greedy. just look at the new star wars. they prefer to crank out as many as possible without giving the audience good stories. oh and i actually liked Popeye FAR more than Hook.
Patron Saint Of Poison
Patron Saint Of Poison 14 godzin temu
Ferngully was actually *THE CORNERSTONE OF MY CHILDHOOD*
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz 14 godzin temu
This is nice
N Craft [NEW ACCOUNT] 14 godzin temu
Is Robin Williams the guy from Flubbler?
Tommy Derp
Tommy Derp 5 godzin temu
phire 21 godzinę temu
oh my god I'm so glad I found your channel. this is top tier content and beyond inspiring.
Nick Holt
Nick Holt 22 godzin temu
Wow, whoever made this is... kind of an asshole. You really have the timerity to talk condescendingly about some of the titans of the last century of stage and screen. But that's not enough, you go on mock one of the greatest comedians of all time. I'm sure you, whose buck is made on the fickle nature of the mob, could have outbid this staple of showbiz. You go on as though you're so "over it" but you're a product of all the petty assholes you so :) bravely :) call out. Talking into a mic like you're taking a particularly difficult shit does not make you the saviour of entertainment. Merely a pollyp on its anus. I really take a lot of inspiration from people like you who just "get it" so much better than people who've made their livings in this industry. Gah, I have a lot more to say but it boils down to "you're a dick and you don't get any credit for noticing stunt casting." Now please go explain why David Shwimmer is a piece of shit for doing "Madagascar". Prick.
Jester Fright
Jester Fright 23 godzin temu
Am I the only one who has a Childhood loving the Popeye movie?
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones Dzień temu
The devaluing of War. I'm not a white cat.
Oussama Berrada
Oussama Berrada Dzień temu
I miss you Robin
HogofGaming Dzień temu
Asking Disney not to sell merchandise is like asking someone to not breathe
Jose Dzień temu
Your editing is so on point I see you homie 👌🏽
JS Peña
JS Peña Dzień temu
Can you do a Loose Cannon video for Godzilla?
Noelia Zaballa
Noelia Zaballa Dzień temu
I don't quite understand what the problem was. I mean, Disney are not saints, but the Genie really IS property of Disney, they are entitled to merchandise this character or Simba or Belle or any other they have created. If Williams felt so strongly about it, he should have refused to voice him, but you can't ask Disney not to profit from a character that belongs to them. Perhaps there's something else they are not telling us.
Jamaigar gar
Jamaigar gar Dzień temu
Dang it, Lindsay, you made me cry again!
TheErusPrime Dzień temu
I kinda feel like you're talking shit about bob newhart and we can't have that.
jack chandelier
jack chandelier Dzień temu
Except Popeye was GREAT.
Matt Pert
Matt Pert 2 dni temu
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Such a thoughtful; wonderful tribute for my highest hero. Thank you for catching all of this. ♥️🎶🤘🏼
versacedobrik 2 dni temu
i agree with everything but i actually thoroughly enjoyed anastasia
Matthew Pippin
Matthew Pippin 2 dni temu
What was with the shade thrown on Dame Angela Lansbury and Jerry Orbach?
Jack White
Jack White 2 dni temu
Did this bitch just talk shit about Shrek?
Hamilton Mechanical
Hamilton Mechanical 2 dni temu
Cool video, except that Popeye was freaking awesome, love that movie, and the set is still there today and can be visited LOL Guess that one can be chocked up to cult classic, like the labyrinth. Failed at first but now is a very endearing movie
Elijah Frederick
Elijah Frederick 2 dni temu
18:47 Post-Lion King Disney in a nutshell
Chris Chancey
Chris Chancey 2 dni temu
Why does everyone working on a Disney animated film look like a pedophile??
JoeSatelite 2 dni temu
You are a true golden coated champion Lindsay! Thank you!
Mark Lipka
Mark Lipka 2 dni temu
Very informative! But, she does use the (incorrect) word "jive" when she MEANS "JIBE" at 21:23. *sigh*
mathiasdodin 2 dni temu
I love your videos 👍🏼😃⭐️⭐️⭐️
GreenGretel 2 dni temu
Something about that brief Val Kilmer-as-Moses clip @ 14:49 had me howling 😂
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni 2 dni temu
A bugs life was way better
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni 2 dni temu
Why didn't he sue them then?
thunderpeel2001 2 dni temu
Williams may not have been motivated by money, but the fact that Disney made so much money, a lot of which was due to a performance that Williams CREATED HIMSELF, and didn't recognise this with a bonus for him, is something that anyone would get annoyed about.
T Nicholas
T Nicholas 2 dni temu
I find it very satisfying that Fern Gully still managed to be moderately successful even with the ridiculous amount of sabotage going on - in Australia particularly it was a pretty significant cultural touchstone of the 90s.
Burrito Bowl01
Burrito Bowl01 3 dni temu
Not to say shrek wasn't amazing
AnnamiBananami 3 dni temu
this video was great! But I am sad you didn't like Anastasia one of my favourite shows
Joseph 3 dni temu
I sure do miss Robin Williams. He was such a great man.
butchdeadlift10 3 dni temu
Not a transformers video, but I could not think of a better place to put this thought without totally invading your social media space: What if the transformers movies were good? A huge what if, but more to the point I am trying to make is "how were each of the transformers films supposed to be different?". This is what I remember. 1) Robots in disguise exist. they came to earth to find robot hitler and the treasure robot hitler was looking for. they find both and the government cover up that was tied into them. Heroes win. The end. 2) Robots in disguise helping the government track down their mutual enemies, but robot satan arrives to help their enemies and starts with bringing back robot hitler. Race to find the ancient treasure that is a doomsday device. Herobot is dead, but comesback because his human friend loves him? Big fight, heroes win, the end. 3) Robots in disguise discover another goodguy robot with ancient goodguy plan, but that plan involves the extermination of the human race. goodguys half to fight badguys and evil friend to save mankind. Friends die. Heroes win. The end. And then 4 and 5 happen with plots I could care less about, but plots none the less. Like trying to watch Disney's the Black Cauldron, I am at a loss of what point they were trying to make, but I am fascinated to find out what was the long lost good idea in the pile of shit.
butchdeadlift10 3 dni temu
@lindsetellis your thoughts?
finnmeister 3 dni temu
I'm a professionsl Voice Actor, and I couldn't agree more. Been saying it for years.
RogerWilco 3 dni temu
This also completely falls apart as soon as you go outside the USA, where the animated movies for kids are dubbed into another language by voice actors. As far as I'm concerned the Genie in the 1992 Aladdin was voiced by Pierre Bokma. To me and most people outside the USA, there is no connection.
David S
David S 3 dni temu
I will remember this video for the phrase "petty asshole"! Probably not what was wanted it to be remembered for!
Charlie Manning
Charlie Manning 3 dni temu
GOod video, but pit some fuckin respect on Shrek's name. Ice Age, too.
Mark Berardi
Mark Berardi 3 dni temu
This made me cry at the end. Thank you.
Nemo7The7Pirate7 3 dni temu
was is this? Tastes like journalism.
Bianca Isabel
Bianca Isabel 3 dni temu
Wow so animations getting shittier coz they spend half the budget on casting, I'd never thought of that
Bianca Isabel
Bianca Isabel 3 dni temu
6:10 OMG It's tinkerbell
sakura moone
sakura moone 3 dni temu
Robin will be missed dearly. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Draggin' Wagon
Draggin' Wagon 4 dni temu
Bob Newhart was a huge deal back in the day tho.
Lyss Greene
Lyss Greene 4 dni temu
Aladdin couldn't even afford a belly button. 😭😭
Lizzy Chrome
Lizzy Chrome 4 dni temu
I've often missed the days when Disney trailers were half productions sketches of the scenes, and when they were boasting the (instrumental) musical scores by composers of past Disney films. Now it's all about the celebs. Speaking of, who the frell thought of casting Will Smith as the Genie? It's like Nicholas Cage as the flaming skull biker demon. Just in those clips you showed of the new "Aladdin," Smith is as lifeless as ever. Just.......WHY?
Powerful Aura
Powerful Aura 4 dni temu
Le ebic video essay about Disney in le PLwomen recommended feed
Al Festa
Al Festa 4 dni temu
Lindsay, what song did you use for the petty asshole? It's familiar & too quick to Shazam, ha. This video was perfect, by the way! Made me laugh tons
only sara
only sara 4 dni temu
When you're brazilian so the voices don't make difference bc you're watching dub anyway
sweetblackblood1 4 dni temu
you are hypocrite. everyone on the internet are hypocrites. no one cared about robin williams when he was alive. in fact, i remember perfectly when he was, most of the people on the internet treated him like an annoyance but he didn't care because he was rich and famous. but now that he is dead everyone suddenly view him as a martyr and is mentioned to this day after his death. ever since he died i have seen tributes to him on youtube, deviant art, facebook. and this disney vs robin willaims feud is the only gimmick anyone ever seems to know about the man. but when he was alive, most of you didn't care about him or his performance. same thing with stan lee... all you cared about where the movies and how many times he cameo-ed in them. you are all a bunch of "get a life" hypocrites.
BlueFox94 Dzień temu
There's some truth to this, I must admit. Even though he did appear in three Night at the Museum films, Happy Feet, RV, and August Rush during the mid-to-late '00s, it was pretty evident that pop culture had relegated him further back on the stage. But hey, what artist who hits their peak doesn't experience a downturn. It's natural to not stay on top forever. Some artists, though, ultimately couldn't manage to cope with that and/or encounter something beyond their control.
Rebecca Flaherty
Rebecca Flaherty 4 dni temu
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a fan of the Popeye movie. :-)
headofbaphomet 4 dni temu
Get it in writing dumbass
z m
z m 4 dni temu
Love your stuff. I think the real first thing that set Disney and Robin Williams up as a collaboration that led to Aladdin was almost the exact Genie character he did for this WDW animation piece. (ok, he wasn't a "genie" but the entire character is the exact same thing - if the link doesn't show, search for 'Robin Williams back to Neverland animation') It was completed in 1989, a few years prior to Fern Gull)- you should check it out, it's great! I remember watching Aladdin and thinking, hey, this is the exact same character he's already done. I personally don't really remember DISNEY marketing the movie with a heavy push on Robin Williams, but if he publicly attacked them for it, I must have happened. We all saw how Dreamworks was the guiltiest of this marketing scheme once they started making their movies, but the pubic saw right through this lame trick. Pixar on the other hand, seemed to do it the right way by going for character over celebrity. for the most part that's worked out for them.
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera 4 dni temu
I wouldn't say it's Disney's fault for overmarketing the genie. Rather I blame katzenberg especificly. He caused the whole problem soooo. Companies are not always a group, just saying.
Horkeu Kamui
Horkeu Kamui 4 dni temu
I just watched the live action version and only realised just now why the songs were nowhere near as great as the original: they were essentially tailor-made for Robin Williams. That aside, Will Smith wasn't bad but he only truly shone during rap sequences and just about whenever he didn't need to impersonate Robin.
Ash MCcGill
Ash MCcGill 4 dni temu
I recognise your voice from somewhere and I can't place it.
Donovan Lawson
Donovan Lawson 4 dni temu
The genie is still my favorite disney animated character
Nature Is Everywhere
Nature Is Everywhere 4 dni temu
plz plz plz Make a Hunger Games video.
MewTV 4 dni temu
I like the Toontown font for your patrons
Robin Lugo
Robin Lugo 4 dni temu
Ashley Nieto
Ashley Nieto 5 dni temu
I'm sorry, did you just bag on ANASTASIA? Tragically miscast? Get all the way in the fuck out of here. Anastasia is a goddamn fantastic movie, and to say Don Bluth didn't have much success UNTIL Anastasia in 1996 is a flat out lie. And I, personally, fully appreciate Happily Ever After. I literally feel personally attacked right now. Don Bluth films were my true childhood. Stop trying to hurt my inner child.
Victoria Weinstein
Victoria Weinstein 5 dni temu
Jerry Orbach was a Broadway legend. How dare you sneer at him.
RazoE 5 dni temu
Great video. You earned yourself a subscriber. By the way, I noticed Pixar doesn't put their voice talent anywhere on posters or marketing. Good for them
Joshua Foster
Joshua Foster 5 dni temu
Aladdin 4 Jafar may need glasses
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy 5 dni temu
Interesting watch, but I am still going to love this movie. I mean let's be real, are we really surprised that a business tried to market at maximum capacity? It's interesting to see how violating Disney was to Robin Williams, but even he, as you can see at the end, is proud of the film. And I am not saying that you are out right taking a stance, although there is insuation there for sure, but the fact is the quality of all those films doesn't diminish simply because you can pontificate about marketing in capitalist system. You have other videos that talk about The Lord of The Rings. I would love to see a video about how Peter Jackson got the rights to those and The Hobbit books. Literally Tolkien's family has been used, abused and manipulated along the way, it almost makes you feel gross for having enjoyed them. Anyway, guess I am done, also being full of myself.
Arthur L Vilas Boas
Arthur L Vilas Boas 5 dni temu
im a simple brazilian i see nazarés gif i like the video (9:48)
Arthur L Vilas Boas
Arthur L Vilas Boas 5 dni temu
9:48 gif da nazaré wtf
Misterlaxx d
Misterlaxx d 5 dni temu
Are we completely gonna forget Rover Dangerfield?
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 5 dni temu
I really like the channel and also this video. But whats your problem with shrek or antz?
Koy Foster
Koy Foster 5 dni temu
Robin's passing is hitting me harder as I get older...
Terézia T
Terézia T 5 dni temu
The thing about growing up in a non-English speaking country, where films are dubbed, you miss out on all the hype about casting well known people. It just.. does not mean much. You just want to enjoy the movie.
3rd Street Saint 69
3rd Street Saint 69 5 dni temu
*S O M E B O D Y*
Matheius 5 dni temu
Rest in peace Robin
Matheius 5 dni temu
"A PENILE IMPLANT which means a stick in your dick" - a Seagull
Pie Pierrot
Pie Pierrot 5 dni temu
Poor Williams. Good on him for sticking to his morals! It's rather ironic that Williams played the Genie and Disney screwed him over, since genies are known for taking people's words and twisting them to screw them over like Disney did to Robin. Nonetheless, thank you Robin Williams for being apart of my childhood. May you rest in peace. P.S. Exploitation of celebrities aside, Prince of Egypt was actually good. I had no idea Voldemort could sing. XD And at least we got Once Upon a December from Anastasia. As for Antz though, eh, it was alright but I liked Bug's Life better and Bug's Life will always be my childhood over Antz. And you gotta admit Shrek was pretty well done, too.
Iman Imran
Iman Imran 5 dni temu
I'm confused. Robin Williams didn't want the genie to be used on any merchandise? How was that possible, its one of the main characters? And why was he against merchandise? Don't wanna be mean just curious.
Stephen Hugh Cook
Stephen Hugh Cook 5 dni temu
Dishonor on Disney, dishonor on Disney's family and dishonor on Disney's Cow.
Stephen Hugh Cook
Stephen Hugh Cook 5 dni temu
Uhhh... Toy Story?!
Natedagreat Adler
Natedagreat Adler 5 dni temu
I've just discovered your videos and literally all you do on here is look at a thing and go 😬
Broockle 5 dni temu
I still prefer to German dubs for Aladdin.... Especially Iago is amazing xD Can't fight my nostalgia.
Film By Firing Squad
Film By Firing Squad 5 dni temu
I miss Robin
Epha Ronin
Epha Ronin 6 dni temu
14:04 Robin Williams is not the only person that Walt Disney hired, who got screwed over by his company. The creator of the movie Anastasia, who you say made that movie as “a bald-faced ripoff" of the Disney Princess formula, had his reasons for making it. Don Bluth started his own production company, after being “let go" by Disney, citing “creative differences", ie., When Disney tried to strangle the artist's animation department, he buckedoff the force of control. He created the studio, to directly compete with the powerhouse known as Disney.
Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson 6 dni temu
Wonderful Video!
Hal Lovemelt
Hal Lovemelt 6 dni temu
I love this video and commentary, you speak to my heart, and educate my brain... this is the first youtube opinion commentary video Ive ever clicked the thumbs up and subscribe for... Lindsay, you do great work
Hal Lovemelt
Hal Lovemelt 6 dni temu
Jack the movie rules.
Dr.Giggles 6 dni temu
18:10 T H I C C E L I C I O U S
Eric Alviter
Eric Alviter 6 dni temu
It's awesome seeing Lindsay grow from her "Nostalgia Chick" days(i discovered her via the "Disney Princess" episode) and now watching her solo channel grow and grow. She's getting to 1 million in no time!
Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards 6 dni temu
I’m always disappointed when there’s a Genie role that isn’t voiced by Robin Williams. Especially in Kingdom Hearts games. But, I’m always happy to see that Scott Weinger has never passed up an Aladdin role. He’s Aladdin as much as Robin is Genie.
Middle School Boy
Middle School Boy 6 dni temu
How tf did they get Oprah? That’s still haunting me ;-;
MrJJuK 6 dni temu
The one line that has me in bits everytime I hear it... "Genie your free" 😭😭😭😭
Fam of 3.5
Fam of 3.5 6 dni temu
Ok, I didn't mine Popeye.
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