Full House Lannister

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There are said to be at least three “Game of Thrones” spinoff shows in the works. HBO has been very secretive on the subject, but they did release an exclusive first look at one of them which revives a beloved character, giving him new life, and a new TV family.
Lie Witness News - Game of Thrones Finale plwomen.net/id/wideo-0uWJ8rNaGPY.html

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Full House Lannister

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Hersi harvey
Hersi harvey 2 dni temu
*I hate Lannisters*😡
shorty Gado
shorty Gado 15 dni temu
Cut it off😂
AwakenOhSleeper 16 dni temu
What happened to bob saget?!? XD
Jessica Macklemore
Jessica Macklemore 17 dni temu
Lol omg this is ridiculous
sally Jean
sally Jean 17 dni temu
is it just me that thinks he has a very sexy accent? Yummy
Esabella Silvrstre
Esabella Silvrstre 20 dni temu
Is it me or does Jaime Lannister look like obi wan kenobi🤔🤔
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 21 dzień temu
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 21 dzień temu
The Fat Chick Thriller
The Fat Chick Thriller 22 dni temu
Thank god GOT is over
Ezio Auditore AC
Ezio Auditore AC 22 dni temu
Jimmy and Jamie looks alike
Marl Kuznetsov
Marl Kuznetsov 22 dni temu
Это должно было быть смешно? это не смешно
- Makanko -
- Makanko - 23 dni temu
I love this!😂
Coffee Boy
Coffee Boy 23 dni temu
Really this was a real serie?
Andrew 24 dni temu
The funny thing is I don't find this funny at all. American humor is really weird. But at least you guy make some awesome tv shows.
Pipers of Rock
Pipers of Rock 24 dni temu
Better than GOT S8 and Netflix’ Fuller House
mbolduc 24 dni temu
This is so stupid I love it
Steven Cornier
Steven Cornier 24 dni temu
Good thing they had the budget for a cgi dragon
Nawaf Almaneea
Nawaf Almaneea 24 dni temu
I am definitely watching it
Alura Lovell
Alura Lovell 25 dni temu
So that's where Drogon went 🤔
MoJIoKo 25 dni temu
Where is song “sweet home alabama”???
Diego Hiroshi y sus Videos
Diego Hiroshi y sus Videos 25 dni temu
Jajaja que grande el viejo amigo Lannister me hizo soltar una lágrima. De solo pensar su pasado en la casa Lannister me hizo dar un cierto aire de Nostalgia.
Michael Robert
Michael Robert 25 dni temu
Still better than season 8
00Predaking00 26 dni temu
XDDD so joey is a Joey XDDD XDDD Jaime is Jaime LOL XDDD
SheDiWare Lapis
SheDiWare Lapis 26 dni temu
Jaime was the handsomest guy on Game of Thrones, he could've had anyone he wanted... But all he wanted was his sister Now that's Love...
All For One
All For One 22 dni temu
Yeah remember when he got that prince charming look 😂
notloz2 26 dni temu
I hate this so much.
Eszter Antal
Eszter Antal 26 dni temu
Wow Jamie Lannister is hot 😍
Maximiliam Andersson
Maximiliam Andersson 26 dni temu
This is going to screw me so bad because now Jamie exists in our world, which will make it a lot hella' harder to ever separate the two haha!!
Hans Goober777
Hans Goober777 26 dni temu
*Tfw Bob Saget's dialogue is clean and Dave Coulier is the one dropping F-bombs.*
J.K. Levi
J.K. Levi 27 dni temu
Why isnt anyone mentioning how good Joey still looks after all these years? Sure most of it is probably makeup but still. He looks almost exactly the same
Nate Groves
Nate Groves 27 dni temu
Why is he not in character as Jaime?
Lycan 27 dni temu
Since the video started I was 100% sure it was Jaime, he seems like the most down to Earth from the main 3 ones.
Sa Gi
Sa Gi 27 dni temu
Giwrgos Gln
Giwrgos Gln 27 dni temu
What's the sad soundtrack?
Alonso Vargas
Alonso Vargas 27 dni temu
Still better than season 8.
Javier Cañizares
Javier Cañizares 27 dni temu
jajajajajajaj se mamaaaaaaaaaron
Aaron Burleigh
Aaron Burleigh 27 dni temu
That was the most full house thing I’ve ever watched
Sabrina Firlej
Sabrina Firlej 27 dni temu
Óscar Calleja Sánchez
Óscar Calleja Sánchez 27 dni temu
This is better ending than seen in the series
Gandalf Odinson
Gandalf Odinson 27 dni temu
Comet the dragon
Jose Harlow
Jose Harlow 27 dni temu
Dying 😭😭😭
UptownDowntownNY 27 dni temu
It’s someone playing bob saget playing Danny tanner
UptownDowntownNY 27 dni temu
“I just need some air” *sits inside*
UptownDowntownNY 27 dni temu
Yo wtf lmao
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 27 dni temu
Lame and dumb. Just like D&D
Paul Dela Peña
Paul Dela Peña 27 dni temu
M. Nurhaikal
M. Nurhaikal 27 dni temu
Jeez. Why is the skit so cringey
peterino 28 dni temu
someone: trying to open a jar background: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I have very small peepee but
I have very small peepee but 25 dni temu
Emiliano Hubera
Emiliano Hubera 28 dni temu
I was thinking " I'll watch that" when he said "I'll watch that"
Nadia Papanikola
Nadia Papanikola 28 dni temu
This is just disgusting. What's next, GOT actors advertising haemorrhoid creams..?? Geez
Jeyson Ferreira
Jeyson Ferreira 28 dni temu
Ele ficou parecido com o Ted Mosby com essa peruca. 😂😂😂
Rafael Villaça
Rafael Villaça 28 dni temu
This is wonderful I needed this laughter Thank you
victoria clark
victoria clark 28 dni temu
Eloise Wiggins
Eloise Wiggins 28 dni temu
We’d all watch that
Geoffrey D
Geoffrey D 28 dni temu
I would honestly watch that
Chen Levi
Chen Levi 28 dni temu
Uncle Jaime- a tales of a kingslayer!
Immanuel Donkor
Immanuel Donkor 28 dni temu
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki 28 dni temu
This is so lame, american democrat can't into comedy
phoenixgirl66 28 dni temu
Jay Home
Jay Home 28 dni temu
Not weird at all seeing middle aged men without a single grey hair on their head lol
AsiaDanceScene 28 dni temu
Still a better ending than Season Eight...
Blacklion Rio
Blacklion Rio 28 dni temu
We need that show right now
Gaby R.
Gaby R. 28 dni temu
Naughtystimpy 28 dni temu
If you missed Season 8, here is a summary of what happened 2:58
so solo
so solo 28 dni temu
هناك ، قيل أن يكون على الأقل ثلاث مباريات من العروش spinoff يظهر في الأعمال وقد HBO سرية الليلة الماضية أطلقوا نظرة في واحد منهم الذي رريفيف شخصية محبوبة تعطيه عائلة تلفزيون جديدة كل الحق جوي حصلت على هذا يا رجل يا لا تعبير ، حصلت على هذا داني جيمي مساعدة ماذا تفعل ايم قليلا من المخلل تريد أن تأخذ طعنة في هذا فهمتها يا صديق نحن فقط بحاجة إلى يد لماذا لم تقل ذلك انهه كنت أمزح فقط لا ، ليس هذا أنا فقط بحاجة إلى بعض الهواء يا عم جيمي ، ما الأمر حسنًا ، أختي كان لدينا معركة بالطبع بكل تأكيد في بعض الأحيان قتال الشتلات انها طبيعية تماما ولكن عليك أن تعمل هذا هي ، أختك وهي ، ليرة لبنانية دائما هناك من أجلك ، لا مهما لا ، فقط حصلت عليها حامل مرة أخرى حسن الكلام يا رجل وأنا أعلم أنني أعرف ، وقطع بها لاني كنت سأقول استقال Fuking أختك
so solo
so solo 28 dni temu
There,s said to be at least Three game of thrones spinoff Shows in the works HBO has been secretic Last night they released a look At one of them which we roreviv Beloved character giving him a New tv family All right joey You got this Oh man Oh no idon,t got this Danny jemie help What,s up Im in a bit of a pickle You want to take a Stab at this You got it dude We just needed a hand Why didn,t you say so Cut it off I was just kidding No it,s not that I just need some air Hey uncle jamie, what,s up Well it,s my sister We had a fight Of course Sometimes siplings fight It,s perfectly natural But you got to work this out She,s your sister and she,ll Always be there for you ,no Matter what No it,s just i got her Pregnant again Well good talk man I know i know ,cut it out To i was going to say quit Fuking your sister
Chamchamcham10 28 dni temu
Still better written than season 8 GoT
Sofia Cole
Sofia Cole 28 dni temu
idonotmakevidsyet 28 dni temu
Better than season 8 of GOT
Dennis Schohan
Dennis Schohan 28 dni temu
He shoulda played Aunt Becky
Harambe Memorial
Harambe Memorial 28 dni temu
*Jimmy Approach’s young women* “Wanna touch it? I respect women you know..”
Andrea Churchill
Andrea Churchill 29 dni temu
This is so stupid...
gogotero99 29 dni temu
Danny Tanner..... black of hair DJ Tanner........golden head Stephanie Tanner....golden head Michelle Tanner....golden head
Vlad R
Vlad R 29 dni temu
There is not a single full Lannister in here.
Jessica Billdt
Jessica Billdt 29 dni temu
Bob sagetts face looks horrible, poor guy
Randomray 29 dni temu
Anyone able to identify the piano song in the background. Would appreciate it
John Love
John Love Miesiąc temu
Bob Saget looks terrible, what happened
Amir Miesiąc temu
I believe this bullshit had better scenario that the GoT itself!
Masterofbates Miesiąc temu
Who doesn't remember that scare when your sister thought she was pregnant?
Kareem Wilson
Kareem Wilson 29 dni temu
You got your sister pregnant?
K Dissette
K Dissette Miesiąc temu
Bob looks like he borrowed Pat Sajacks toupe
Tangy Orange
Tangy Orange Miesiąc temu
That “you got it dude” had me pissing myself
Mica Davaroff
Mica Davaroff Miesiąc temu
I love how they cut off raeghal because they couldn’t afford it and jimmy just made a dragon scene in a 3 min video
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson Miesiąc temu
Welp just found out Jaime dies
Aluízio Loureiro
Aluízio Loureiro Miesiąc temu
how american humor is silly and stupid
Simply Adia
Simply Adia Miesiąc temu
Was that really Bob Saget? He doesn't look like that in Fuller House. It looked like someone wearing a Bob Saget mask. And he looks shorter. So weird.
Stella Artois
Stella Artois Miesiąc temu
Bob Saget and Dave Coulier have got to be the worst actors ever, lol. Jaime has sex with his sister and Bob Saget dates young girls. Except Nikolai is playing a theatrical role and Bob Saget does that in REAL life. He's a creeper.
Lux Benjax
Lux Benjax Miesiąc temu
Rumour says the writters are replacing aunt Becky with Uncle Jamie..
Rohit Das
Rohit Das Miesiąc temu
This is better than season 8
Lena Er.
Lena Er. Miesiąc temu
Omg, Nikolaj is such a sweetie! 😊
Will Lawson
Will Lawson Miesiąc temu
Still has a better ending than season 8
kathrine5678 Miesiąc temu
I’d watch it 😂
No Name
No Name Miesiąc temu
Is that really Bob Saget? What happened to him?
Love 13
Love 13 Miesiąc temu
Lol. Loved it😂😂😂
ho lee
ho lee Miesiąc temu
Still better than the last two seasons
Babe Taylor
Babe Taylor Miesiąc temu
Is it just me or is Jimmy not funny
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson Miesiąc temu
This is a better ending for Jamie's character arc than what the actual show did.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Miesiąc temu
Can’t wait For Prison Break Aunt Becky
JO H Miesiąc temu
Red ears
carlee elizabeth
carlee elizabeth Miesiąc temu
still better than fuller house.
Farah Kay
Farah Kay Miesiąc temu
oh wow, what happened to bob saget, i had to do a doule take to make sure its really him.
ADMIRAL JABY Miesiąc temu
Is this really funny!? 😑
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