FaZe Clan - Lie Detector Test Challenge

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FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan put on the spot, with a lie detector.
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Kay Ounmano
Kay Ounmano 3 godzin temu
jarvis used aimbot oh my godddd
Fortnite Username: SWEATUNTILDEATH
Fortnite Username: SWEATUNTILDEATH 3 godzin temu
Please stop making "That's insane bro!" Jokes.
AJGamePlay91 Mampang
AJGamePlay91 Mampang 5 godzin temu
Man that’s crazy
Nick Kreker
Nick Kreker 6 godzin temu
blaziken is high as fuck mannn
iluminati confirmed
iluminati confirmed 8 godzin temu
Where is highsky
Carrot Snail
Carrot Snail 9 godzin temu
jarvis: yo thats insane kay: that's illegal
justintisdale95 9 godzin temu
Blaziken remember when adapt decked a clown for u now u stealing his clothes smh rapper life really changes u
Zqn FN
Zqn FN 9 godzin temu
Have u ever used aim bot Jarvis lying: no FaZe Kay: haha that’s crazy bro haha
_ MrNugget _
_ MrNugget _ 16 godzin temu
F*** Orba he is Mean
KPstir 17 godzin temu
What alex doesn’t know... Jarvis gettin into his sisters DM’s
waimania hohua
waimania hohua 20 godzin temu
Jarvis is the best in faze
Trapzoid Dzień temu
excuses excuses
Monique Nativo
Monique Nativo Dzień temu
Faze Blake has the weirdest laugh ever......😬😆😆😆
OGzVieux _
OGzVieux _ Dzień temu
9:53 “I KNEW IT” i love you blaze
Harry Acton
Harry Acton Dzień temu
this shit is BS
Bluuツ Dzień temu
Why they laughing Jarvis got mad hoes😂
10k Subs with no vids
10k Subs with no vids Dzień temu
8:57 why does the bolt sound like a hunting rifle the audio doesn’t line up lmao
Tavion Samuels
Tavion Samuels Dzień temu
Since 2012 2013
Tavion Samuels
Tavion Samuels Dzień temu
I am og faze con fan I restart my tablet a d phone add yu back
Sahel Leon king Bro
Sahel Leon king Bro Dzień temu
Jarvis I'm a god at fortnite Kay that's insane bro
RaZor BreAk
RaZor BreAk 2 dni temu
Nah bro Jarvis doesn’t use aim bot he was just nervous that it might be a lie 7:47
Cho Yuen Feng
Cho Yuen Feng 2 dni temu
Everybody else: wassup duds I’m here with de.... Kay: bR0 dA1S 1nSaiN! H01Y!
Aayan Ali
Aayan Ali 2 dni temu
Oh no
O Xy
O Xy 2 dni temu
Jarvis in the background
Wetzel 99
Wetzel 99 2 dni temu
Jarvis uses aim bot unsubscribe to him because he hacks maybe he uses sub bot to
AJA 2 dni temu
Fuck you
Busty Fortnite
Busty Fortnite 2 dni temu
Jarvis eats. FaZe Kay: tHatS iNsaNe bro!!!
CarlosGaming 123
CarlosGaming 123 2 dni temu
Faze mew is a god at trick shots
CrystalKnight 85
CrystalKnight 85 2 dni temu
Sway > jarvis
Ghoul Plays
Ghoul Plays 2 dni temu
Your crush will kiss you, like and subscribe to activate
1 1
1 1 2 dni temu
What about H1GHSKY1
LightningGaming 3 dni temu
Stop swearing you would be much better
Justjoseph 101
Justjoseph 101 3 dni temu
I died at 8:53 when everyone screams and then it cuts
Noah Manthei
Noah Manthei 3 dni temu
Clip isn’t real that a hunting rifle shot not a bolt
sinister 077debt
sinister 077debt 3 dni temu
The lie detector is a fucken snitch😣
Kai Nichol
Kai Nichol 3 dni temu
Shagging too many birds 🤣🤣🤣
Ni Nja
Ni Nja 4 dni temu
Why did you kick highsky
Owen Westall
Owen Westall 4 dni temu
Jarvis : reloads gun Kay : holy Jarvis ur insane
Sh4d0w Bot
Sh4d0w Bot 4 dni temu
Cookie Gg
Cookie Gg 4 dni temu
Lalamder 4 dni temu
jarvis you psycho
Danielle Mead
Danielle Mead 4 dni temu
How baked is Alex
dale aquino
dale aquino 4 dni temu
hE sAiD It wAs a gReeN sTIcK
Cool Music
Cool Music 4 dni temu
You guys should do a lie detector test on H1ghsky and see how old he is
Goat Boy
Goat Boy 4 dni temu
4:27 lmao
HBK_ Tman
HBK_ Tman 4 dni temu
“This is going to be everywhere” 4.4 million views 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
Jaycen2009kidstv 4 dni temu
Sloan X Gaming
Sloan X Gaming 4 dni temu
Faze Kay had the most truths and least lies so he won
Ttv yt Deathdude
Ttv yt Deathdude 4 dni temu
Jarvis: readys up Kay:Jarvis ur insane
iEnVy ZinoYT
iEnVy ZinoYT 4 dni temu
Lmao look at Blaze’s face - 3:39
JS GongZ
JS GongZ 5 dni temu
13:26 LOL FaZe Jarvis
Tanmay Dagar
Tanmay Dagar 5 dni temu
10:57,when you're crush ask you out
Pug nation rules America
Pug nation rules America 5 dni temu
I would trade my sister
TTV. GucciGoober
TTV. GucciGoober 5 dni temu
Orba he had a bolt but that sounded like I hunting rifle
Mj Pearce
Mj Pearce 5 dni temu
Does anyone else realize that the detector detects a lie if you are tense or nervous
Unknown stRyfe
Unknown stRyfe 5 dni temu
Family isnt worth a billion fuckin dollars
Unknown stRyfe
Unknown stRyfe 5 dni temu
Not at all
Ishy Ali
Ishy Ali 5 dni temu
Blaze: I'm might have stollen from you fraziuer Kay: Bro that's insane!!!!!!
DimDask On Fortnite
DimDask On Fortnite 5 dni temu
At the time where teeqo talked about if adapt sucks.... I think apex sucks so much he’s worse than me
Random Gaming
Random Gaming 5 dni temu
i feel teeqo was being exposed of his private things . Bro that is shit . EVER LOST UR VIRGINITY TO A GOPHER HOLE ? WTF WHY DO U WANT TO EXPOSE THAT
mohid shahzad
mohid shahzad 6 dni temu
Your insaneeee!!!!!!
_W3223L_ 6 dni temu
Would you knock the fuck out of orba for 1000000 dollar Alex: I do it for 100 bucks
OGC_ Enrique
OGC_ Enrique 6 dni temu
Kay always wins that’s awesome dude
Antin Moen
Antin Moen 6 dni temu
I died at 4:26😂
RaGe_ 4l13N
RaGe_ 4l13N 6 dni temu
Alex said he doesn’t hate anyone from FaZe but he said he’d beat the shit out of Orba for even 100 bucks
Dylan Reeses
Dylan Reeses 6 dni temu
Faze tfues better than Jarvis. Oh wait...........
Gary Kerr
Gary Kerr 6 dni temu
By kjbjbh,k man
VNM-Impaile YT
VNM-Impaile YT 6 dni temu
6:30 faze adapts creepy look
VNM-Impaile YT
VNM-Impaile YT 6 dni temu
Faze blaze says I love u guys but everybody’s on there phone
Fat Fool
Fat Fool 7 dni temu
Well Faze Teeqo is da new smellfunny
Max UG
Max UG 7 dni temu
Is no one gonna notice how serious the lie detector guy is
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