ALWAYS AMAZING: The True Story of the Life, Death, and Return of Amazing Johnathan | Movie

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All Things Comedy

All Things Comedy

Miesiąc temu

Always Amazing is the story of The Amazing Johnathan's storied career as a comedian/magician, the unlikely friendship that was cemented after meeting a 12-year-old boy while on tour in Australia and the unfortunate terminal diagnosis that brought them back together for one last run of shows.
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Starring: The Amazing Johnathan
Featuring: David Copperfield, Penn Jillette, Joel Ozborn
Directed By: Steve Byrne
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Boom Boom
Boom Boom Miesiąc temu
This is great. Amazing watching him!
big loc
big loc 15 dni temu
I hope they do more things like this. Comedy has always been there through my life and I couldn't imagine what it would be like without the greats like John.
Jason Bobela
Jason Bobela 15 dni temu
Time for some magic dust!!!
Jim Fleckenstein
Jim Fleckenstein Miesiąc temu
Saw him many times in Las Vegas. It was always amazing.
sub1ime81 Miesiąc temu
@baldo rodriguez I think they meant "death" as in his career, when he stopped working for a while due to his health when he was given a year to live. Thankfully that didn't happen & Johnathan had lots of people who cared & got/kept him on the right track :)
baldo rodriguez
baldo rodriguez Miesiąc temu
@All Things Comedy he's still alive right!?!?!?!?! Why does it say DEATH?
KEVIN TRIBE 18 minut temu
Absolutely brilliant man, what a beautiful relationship
Angel Puente
Angel Puente 5 godzin temu
He’s the best This is my kind of crazy
terrance thomas
terrance thomas 8 godzin temu
Johnathan- "Ive got a year to live" Random fan- "that shits some comedy gold!" Johnathan- "...not a joke guys" ...ouch
Drew Lytle
Drew Lytle 9 godzin temu
The only thing I was slightly disappointed by was that this didn't dive into when Penny "Psychic Tanya" Wiggins joined the show, her performance became not made his show better but at some point became crucial. That aside, I just love that this exists as Johnathan is one of my favorite comedians ever and to see a piece dedicated to him is well over due.
Nerd Output
Nerd Output Dzień temu
Thank you for the inspiration Jonathan.
Eric R
Eric R Dzień temu
Cool guy.
Julie Schaller
Julie Schaller Dzień temu
Great job Steve ! Glad I heard about this on many podcasts!
Shaun Hix
Shaun Hix Dzień temu
I was born in 1981. I discovered stand up comedy after my mom and dad divorced and it gave me the ability to laugh at the bad times in my life when I was a young man. No three comics when I was in my teens made me laugh more than George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and The Amazing Johnathan
Shaun Hix
Shaun Hix Dzień temu
David Copperfield: I've never even seen cocaine. Me: so you just raped chicks on drugs?
Chris H
Chris H Dzień temu
Fucking amazing
Raymond Potter
Raymond Potter Dzień temu
Ty Ymh and Steve Byrne and Bill Burr. I remember watching this guy when I was a kid, Bravo well done and good luck Johnathan!
Eunhyuk Park
Eunhyuk Park 2 dni temu
Been loving this guy since Dane Cook used to open for him back in the days. Glad I got to see him live. Byrne and the crew did a great job with this documentary.
Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaf 2 dni temu
When that woman laughed when he said he had a year to live, I feel bad for her she really didn’t know and she probably felt awful. Anyways that was a throat choking moment
Michael Morris
Michael Morris 2 dni temu
Btw....thanks for making my face leak, turd ;)
Michael Morris
Michael Morris 2 dni temu
I wish i could hit like for john for everytime i laughed as a kid watching him......nothing can show the love and appreciation i have for his talents.
eyemh8 2 dni temu
Got free tickets for him in Vegas. We were disappointed because he wasn’t one of the “Big Names” and about 15 years later still the best show I have ever seen.
Shane Atkins
Shane Atkins 2 dni temu
This was amazing! I remember watching his comedy Central special when it aired! Died laughing!!!!
Baulzzz Zzzz
Baulzzz Zzzz 2 dni temu
I remember seeing The Amazing Jonathon ok Comedy Central when I was in the 7th grade and it was incredible. To watch someone do what he did it was unbelievable, I mean I’d never seen anyone act/speak/or take everything the way he did. I mean he shot his assistant on stage, stabbed himself, had a light fall on him fucking everything. I remember sitting and trying to figure out how the fuck this shit was even legal 😂😂😂 man I couldn’t imagine having such a good sense of humor I faked my own suicide😂😂😂 Also fuck the police for handling a suicide that way guns drawn screaming and yelling fucking ridiculous
Anthony Castro
Anthony Castro 3 dni temu
One of the first comics that got me into loving standup for the rest of my life. I love you Amazing Johnathan
War2827Eagle 3 dni temu
"Fucked up is two words. We're going with crazy." Penn is hilarious.
Trollioli 3 dni temu
The Amazing Johnathan died? I had no idea.
All Things Comedy
All Things Comedy 2 dni temu
Not yet!
CreepersTKOED 3 dni temu
Bruh where can I get me one of those 55:29
DroogJuice 3 dni temu
I can still remember the first time I saw him, comic strip live lol. Blew me and the live audience away!
Matthew Breitling
Matthew Breitling 3 dni temu
Whiskey Ginger Brought me here, now I gotta go finish that podcast haha
Sonny Harding
Sonny Harding 3 dni temu
This is way more wholesome than that other documentary I watched about an entertainer who brings a kid home from Australia.
pitobrain 3 dni temu
This is some top quality free shit. Thanks.
straittalkn 3 dni temu
Like so many others, I grew up watching the amazing johnathan on "hey hey it's Saturday" here in Australia, such great memories watching this! What a true talent! 🤣🤣
reignofrock 3 dni temu
That part about Joel's dad... haha.. Great.
jckgrim51 3 dni temu
My dad took me to Vegas after losing a huge hockey tournament to get my spirits up. I was 16 but looked like a 19 year old for some reason and my dad snuck me into this guys show and it was the amazingly the best show so far in my 32 years of living! I bought his prank book and it has some hilarious party gags in there.
reignofrock 3 dni temu
Shout out to Bill Burr's podcast. Steve's episode was a really great one so I knew I had to watch this.
ByloBand 3 dni temu
What a great tribute to Joel.
thatdudephilly 4 dni temu
He smoked Alot of pot 😂
Demandredzero 4 dni temu
I was in Vegas in 2006, and I had a chance to see George Carlin at the MGM Grand, and I passed it up to se the Amazing Jonathan at the Golden Nugget. I think I made the correct choice.
dexter Jones
dexter Jones 4 dni temu
Dose he have any new vids on you tube
Matthew Brauer
Matthew Brauer 4 dni temu
You are such an inspiration. I’ve been a huge fan of your work for so long. I was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition in March, and after watching this it makes me want to fight so much harder, love so much more. You are truly an inspiration.
R G 4 dni temu
Thank you for this !!!
Meg Leigh
Meg Leigh 4 dni temu
"Don't act like you know how it's done. Sometimes magic sounds like tape!" 😳😁😂😄
Daniel Older
Daniel Older 4 dni temu
I watched him on TV when I was a kid. This guy is amazing. Great work here.
spbowser 4 dni temu
Amazing Jonathan is amazing.. everybody band to get her and support this creative genius..
TheKnuckleneck 4 dni temu
AJ is my spirit animal.
m 4 dni temu
What a nice documentary
S10_4_Life 4 dni temu
Beautiful Video ❤️❤️❤️
Lucas Patenaude
Lucas Patenaude 4 dni temu
Nobody: Amazing Jonathan's mom: "...smokin a lot of pot.."
Helgi Már Friðgeirsson
Helgi Már Friðgeirsson 5 dni temu
To be honest Joel looks just like Eric Bana
Duderus 5 dni temu
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome
Worst Chicken
Worst Chicken 5 dni temu
Mid to early 90's I first saw The Amazing Johnathan. Been a fan ever since. Great Doc, thanks for uplaoding!
Divergent Droid
Divergent Droid 5 dni temu
He was diagnosed with a year to live in 2014. He's still alive and kicking as of July 2019. My God bless.
Divergent Droid
Divergent Droid 5 dni temu
It's confirmed by The Amazing Johnathan's mom. Smoking a lot of pot is good for you! LOL
Sweetvanteas Honestly
Sweetvanteas Honestly 5 dni temu
This is beautiful, thank you.
Thomas George
Thomas George 5 dni temu
Can you please make a follow up documentary about that toe?
Rub198 5 dni temu
This is by far the best content this channel has ever put out. Made me laugh, made me cry, made me rethink my own life and forget it all at once. And I didn't even know who the Amazing Jonathan was before this. Thank you!
Charlie V
Charlie V 5 dni temu
9:03 Bryan Callen?
Taken Serious
Taken Serious 5 dni temu
I remember seeing Jonathan on TV so I was interested in this. The bit about Joel's childhood and drawing stick figures after his dad left - the way Jonathan laughs about it made me genuinely crack up. I find it uplifting when we can look back on rough times and make light of it.
J MM 6 dni temu
Great video!
T4lkSm4kGaming TV
T4lkSm4kGaming TV 6 dni temu
always respected John. he showed everyone how no matter what you do in life, it is possible to accomplish your dreams. Glad he is still healthy and much love to him.
Mr Quiver
Mr Quiver 6 dni temu
Thank you to everyone involved in making this documentary, especially Steve Byrne, for putting it on PLwomen. I hope it exposes new generations to the hilarious comedy of The Amazing Jonathan.
T.M. Warren
T.M. Warren 6 dni temu
🗣 *Tremendous* !! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Ty Brown
Ty Brown 6 dni temu
This was amazing. What a great dude.
Lew Allaire
Lew Allaire 6 dni temu
Joe Rogan helped me find this. I liked Gallagher and Carrot Top but Jonathan made me love prop comedy.
Real Paranormal Videos
Real Paranormal Videos 7 dni temu
Her Majestys Minstrel
Her Majestys Minstrel 7 dni temu
Anytime they want to make the Joel + Jonathan movie is fine by me..
Thomas Gartland
Thomas Gartland 7 dni temu
Awesome Doc!!! Thanks Steve for sharing with all of us!!!
dimitreze 7 dni temu
amazing doc
Sam G
Sam G 7 dni temu
Great job, Steve! Really enjoyed it
Chris B
Chris B 7 dni temu
In college I saw you special over and over again. Love you man.
Daniel Petit
Daniel Petit 8 dni temu
This is awesome 8 dni temu
young jamie brought me here. Forgot how great he is.
The TSAR 8 dni temu
AJ was way ahead of his time. I think my whole sense of humor was shaped around his comedy. For what it was at the time, it was cutting edge, even extreme and I couldn’t get enough of it. He wasn’t a male model, didn’t have washboard abs and was sloppy looking and slovenly and he smoked a lot of pot; just like me. I loved all his shit and to this day I still hold him in the highest regard. Thanks for putting so much work into this and sharing it for FREE on PLwomen.
Daniel Romano
Daniel Romano 8 dni temu
Heard about this on YMH as well. Thank you Steve Byrne for telling this story. The amazing Johnathan is the reason I got into comedy in the first place. Amazing work all around!
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